7 Types Of Windshield Damage That You Should Know Of

If your windshield is broken or cracked, do you know what type of damage it is? This may not seem important for many car owners, but it can greatly help you identify the problem that you have with your windshield and have an idea of how much is it going to cost you for the repairs. There are different types of windshield cracks that you should be aware of. So here are the seven of the most common types that are being inquired about and repaired by auto-glass specialists.

  1. Ding, Chip, Or Stone Break

This is the most common type of windshield damage. It is usually caused by a rock or debris that strikes a windshield while driving. This is a tiny piece of glass that comes off which creates a ding or a chip. This damage can be easily repaired which is commonly known as a “chip repair.” But remember that if you do not have this repaired, it can get worse where a replacement is needed.

  1. Cracked Chip

This is the type of windshield damage that is just a single crack which is about a side of a quarter. It has an impact point which can be easily repaired. It may be small damage but you have to get it fixed right away because if not, like a ding or chip, it can worsen where a windshield replacement is needed.

  1. Bull’s Eye

This is a damage that is usually caused by a rock or debris, but bigger than those that caused the ding or chip damage. It is circular in shape but it can be repaired depending on its size. If the damage is too large or if there were too many pieces of glass removed, a windshield replacement might be needed.

  1. Combination Break

This damage creates different breaks which may include dings, chips, and cracks. If it only has a few breaks and they are small and just on the surface, or when the damage is not too deep, then it can be fixed. Otherwise, if the damage is too deep then you need to have your windshield replaced.

Windshield Damage

  1. Edge Crack

With this windshield damage, the crack starts 2 inches off the edge of your windshield. Or sometimes, it starts right at the edge of your windshield. It forms immediately and is around 10 to 12 inches in length. For this damage, a windshield replacement is needed.

  1. Floater Crack

This crack is usually from the center of your windshield. The repair or replacement will depend on how deep or long the crack is. But most of the time, the damage is too much for a repair and a windshield replacement is required.

  1. Stress Crack

The weather can cause stress cracks on your windshield. The hot or cold weather can weaken the windshield. This plays a major role in this crack. So if your car is parked in the sun for hours and you immediately turn on your air conditioning system, this can stress your windshield. Most of the stress cracks can be repaired but if the entire windshield is stressed, a replacement is highly recommended.

When it comes to windshield repair and replacements, only have it done with experts. You can visit if you want to know your options. If you think you have damage that is not listed above, get in touch with them to know your options.

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