A beginner’s guide to become an insurance agent

An Insurance agent is a salesperson who markets the policies and schemes of a company and acquires customers by being the mediator.  They are tasked with presenting the appropriate product as per the customer’s profile and meet the company’s targets. They represent the company in the open market. Hence, as an insurance agent, one not only works for a company but is also responsible for societal welfare. But the question is how to become an insurance agent? But before we go into that, first we need to under the career of an agent in brief.

Why choose a career as an insurance agent?

Despite the stress to satisfy clients and also meet the target deadlines, an insurance agent enjoys flexible working hours and good pay. Furthermore, they possess a certain degree of autonomy in working methods. But the job can be stressful, as one needs to be constantly on the move, negotiating with clients, dealing with queries and facing rejections on a daily basis. A great level of enthusiasm and zeal is required. If you are motivated and possess the right skill-set, it is a very promising career option.

What do insurance agents do?

  • The job of an insurance agent is to acquire customers for the company.
  • They approach the clients with schemes and policies of the company and decipher the client needs to suggest them the right policy and assist in decision making.
  • They are the medium of communication between the company and the client.
  • An insurance agent helps customers choose the most suitable schemes by understanding their stance, and guiding them through the process of applications, returns, and conflict resolution.

How to become an insurance agent?

If you want to know of How to become an insurance agent, then the basic criteria is that you should be a minimum of 18 years old, and should have passed class 12.

  1. Acquiring a practice license

The first step is to enroll yourself in an insurance company, post which you will undergo training sessions.  Upon the completion of training for the stipulated period, you have to sit for an examination. You shall get your practice license if you clear the examination.

  1. Develop the necessary skill-set
  • Work on your communication skills, as it is a tool for your success in the profession. It is mandatory that you present the case clearly and effectively.
  • Persistence is the golden key. That is a quality that will keep you going despite rejections, and help acquire many customers.
  • Emotional intelligence is important, as you are in this job not only for personal welfare and company’s profit but also for the well-being of the clients.
  • Be good at the technical know-how and develop a fluent knowledge of the schemes, policies, procedures and legal conditions.
  1. Learn to market yourself

An insurance agent represents the company to the customer, and hence the credibility of the company and the policy is what they perceive of you. Therefore, it is vital that you develop a pleasant persona and sound knowledge of what you are selling. Remember, you are a salesman! But, with a moral compass.

In conclusion, as an insurance agent, you are the mediator between the customer and company and that is a lot of responsibility, for both sides. Hence, always be prepared and passionate about the job, which shall be very enduring and profitable in the long run. Also if you want to know how you can become an insurance agent online click here.

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