Aluminum Extrusion; Moulding And Re-Shaping Aluminum

What is Aluminum?

Aluminum is a metal. Understanding with Chemistry it is an element which has been assigned symbol ‘Al’ and has atomic number 13 and atomic mass 26. It is a highly ductile metal which makes it easier for aluminum extrusion to obtain the required shape and size. It is silver and bright in color. It is the most widespread and abundant metal on earth. The name aluminum has been derived from ‘alum’. Aluminum-27 is the only naturally occurring isotope of aluminum. Aluminum does not rust easily it is a difficult process to extract it from its ore.

Aluminum is commonly used for –

  • Precision tubing in automobiles and different home appliances – The heat transfer application allows it to be used in appliances that use heat.
  • It is used to transfer and transport high energy from place to place through powerlines. It is also because aluminum extrusion makes it corrosion-free. It has great resistance to the oxidation process which makes it durable.
  • Aluminum is also used to make foil paper or tin foils which keeps the food fresh and warm.
  • Aluminum is also used as a commercial heat sink.
  • Aluminum is used in ladders brides etc. for the construction work
  • Aluminum is also used as a thin film in mirrors.
  • Aluminum might also be used to make cans.

Pure aluminum forms an alloy with other metals easily.

process of aluminum extrusion

Aluminum extrusion –

Aluminum extrusion is a process done to get the required shape and size of the aluminum.

The process of aluminum extrusion is helping in the betterment of the environment by helping in solar power. It helps to convert sunlight into solar energy. This helps to provide renewable energy to the earth. It provides support and stability to solar panels. Aluminum has great corrosion resistant property and also provides stability and ease of transportation.

Solar energy uses –

  • Solar ventilation – This helps to keep our homes cool naturally. This, in turn, helps us with the electricity bill which hikes up with the usage of AC in summers.
  • Solar heating – Solar home designed to keep your house warm in extremely cold areas use the solar heating process.
  • Portable solar – If you have to plug in your charger every time to your mobile. Portable solar chargers save you from this by providing you with an in-hand charger.
  • Solar Lighting – Solar lights are no less than a miracle for people who live in areas which are deprived of electricity facility or are suffering through a frequent power cut. Solar lights brighten up these areas and also save electricity.
  • Solar transportation – Solar power vehicles may be the future of the automobile industry. These vehicles are the most convenient and great money-saving technique which will save your money which is wasted on refilling fuel every time. This form of automobiles though is very rare in the present.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy refers to the sunlight and heat produced by the sun which is harnessed to obtain energy that can be utilized in different ways. This provides a renewable energy source and saves electricity.

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