Cancellation of your Timeshare legally and guaranteed 100%

Surely you have been invited to a timeshare presentation where they offer you great benefits in a private club, hotels, inns, etc. That you usually end up signing a contract and going for 7. since the seller is very persuasive and makes you sign immediately, using very rough sales tactics, so it does not give you time to react to what you are getting into.

Nowadays owning a timeshare is not very attractive since the owners have realized that they do not need it, or it is not what they expected.

Some reasons for Timeshare Cancellations:

– Timeshare was purchased under pressure.

– The seller made verbal promises that are not written in the contract.

– Fees are very high and increase every year.

– The owners recognize that owning a timeshare is not a financial investment but an expense.

– You have to make reservations a year before and sometimes due to their activities they cannot use it.

– Today you can travel for a lower budget.

We recommend that you read it carefully before signing any contract. In most cases, the timeshare contract does not clearly indicate how to end the timeshare. And if it does, you should be aware of the period you will have to terminate the contract.

If you wish to go for Timeshare Cancellations, we recommend that you write a letter requesting the cancellation of the timeshare contract, including your name, address, contact number, and the date of purchase.

Send this termination letter by certified mail within the termination period stipulated in your contract. Since sending a registered letter will give you the assurance that they will receive your letter and that they will have to respond to you. It is advisable, always have a copy of the letter on hand that you sent.

Call the timeshare company by phone, it is important to deal with the subject with diplomacy and not be aggressive, just tell them the reasons why you need to cancel the contract.

If within 30 days, if you will not get notifications about your letter by the company, consult by phone calls, or send an e-mail to the company insisting on your situation.

Sometimes timeshare companies can cancel your contract only if you pay a fine, but in most cases, it doesn’t.

Timeshare Cancellations – 100% legally and guaranteed:

Whether you signed the contract more than 10 years ago, a year ago, last week or yesterday, there is no scenario that is beyond our experience.

Our professional services offer 100% money-back guarantee, and in some cases, we can even successfully get a partial or full refund for you. So even if you are not sure if you were the victim of fraud or deception, give us a call, our experienced representative will help you!

Please note: We are not lawyers. You can hire us to do the work for you. Why pay a lawyer, when we guarantee our professional services for a fraction of the cost?

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