Career Path: Local vs. Overseas?

Taking a decision in leaving your hometown to accept an overseas offerabroad is not easy,there must be a huge difference between work overseas and locally , new cultures m regulations and of course new life as well .

But this international work experience might just make you climb up the promotional ladder in no time; you should choose to work in advanced overseas regions like working in the UK and the US because these are the most common preferable international work experience employers usually picks.

We can see that working abroad experience is more preferable for employers than locally experienced people, why?

Here the most common Working Abroad skills gained from working abroad:

  1. Resilience and Adaptability. 

This is the major strength point you gain from working abroad, being put in such situation will give you the ability to rapidly recover from any obstacle and difficulty  , you will face both stress and adversity . Working abroad will certainly make you leave your comfort zone, you will deal with every obstacle and difficulty on your own, because you’re family and close friends are ay back home. This is exactly what employers look for in any individual they will hire, who can face challenges easily and professionally and not giving up until they find a creative solution.

  • If you have the ability to work abroad, you can check job search engines like LinkedIn, and Joblang, and apply for the job that matches you criteria. Concentrate on gaining an international experience at an early age; it will open a lot of doors for you in future.
  1. Foreign Language skill. 

This skill will push your qualifications to a higher level of proficiency;it’s always a plus point when you own more than one language. You will neutrally gain the language skill because you will be forced to be put in situations where you can only speak the foreign language.  Working abroad jobs in the UK and The USA might be easier , because you will have to speak either American English or British English  , which is a common language , but what if you gain an expert level in this foreign language ? This will help you superior in all majors and industries and everywhere.

  • You can even study language courses before graduating or directly after graduation, it will make it easier for you to excel the targeted foreign language country you’re interested to work abroad in.
  • Some countries may ask for specific languages, it won’t be necessarily English Language it might be French, Spanish and any other specific language. You can check online jobs websites like LinkedIn and; you can search for jobs demanding some specific languages.
  1. Building an International Professional Network.

Working abroad will give you a wonderful chance to build up a huge professional network; of course, this relies on you.  Make sure to take a huge advantage of your time working abroad, connect with professional people, surround yourself with passionate business owners and make sure you glow in front of huge future recruitment possibilities. Concentrate on developing a worldwide contact base, which could be extremely useful in the future as you may be the first to hear about it when the chance of your dream job comes up. 

  1. Developing yourself positively.

Working in un familiar surroundings will make you explore things you did not know you already about your personality , these situations and issues encountering you while your abroad are the main factors that would develop and improve your personality . Recruiters prefer hiring people, who worked abroad, because they have a strong flexible personality, they already experienced new cultures and atmospheres which made them adapt easily in any new situation.

  • You must explore the culture before you get on that plane, you must at least know the main regulations and prohibited actions, so you can avoid putting yourself in such critical matters.
  1. Better Life Standards. 

Seeking better life standards doesn’t necessary mean that our hometown is bad, but sometimes, foreign countries pay high salary rates, which makes any job seeker, apply and give it a chance.  High life standards are high priced as well, as everything else, the more you pay the more you’re satisfied.

  • Make sure you put a good plan for your future upcoming years as well, enjoy every minute in your working abroad experience but do not forget to save some money for any emergency issues.
  • Key international work experience is what you need to achieve in your years of working abroad, it’s not an easy decision to make, but it’s worth giving it a try. working abroad isn’t easy but in return it has got a lot of long-terms benefits that will boost your resume for years , do no hesitate in taking such step if your circumstances  allows you to .

About the author:

My name is AyaSilawi and I am working with JobLang company as a content writer. We are offering eassays assistance service at locally and internationally. More info to visit our website