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Constructing a Home by Co-opting the Services of Building Partners 


home building experts

Building a home can be demanding, but rewarding at the same time. From the onset, you need to define the scope of your project, acquire financing and pick the construction site. Before breaking ground, you need to obtain all the necessary permits and gather skilled manpower. The highly demanding construction process involves several procedures, from grading and site preparation to, finally installing a septic tank or hooking the sewer line. Most homes in the US are built in compliance with laid building practices to ensure consistency with the building codes.

Building a home 

Planning each of the building construction steps can be overwhelming, even to an experienced home builder. According to the lifelong learning web resource, ThoughtCo, the five key steps of constructing a home are namely; budget planning, analyzing building cost, picking a lot, identifying the construction teams and negotiating a contract. During the planning stage, you need to establish how much you want to spend on building the home. If you have an impeccable financial standing, you can easily apply for a loan and mortgage.

To avoid common financial pitfalls, always seek professional opinion from a financial expert. Unlike the banker who agrees to offer you a mortgage without analyzing the overall bearing of the same, getting the advice of an independent financial adviser or accountant is highly recommended. In addition to helping you choose a suitable financing facility, a financial expert will analyze the budget estimates of utility cost, home insurance and the tax effects. Extra building expenses that must be identified usually emanate from elements like carpeting and landscaping.

Choosing a home construction lot is another crucial step in the construction process. You can seek the advice of an experienced realtor to get a rough estimate on land cost. As a general rule construction experts generally agree that land should take up between 20 to 25% of the entire home construction cost. Once the ownership modalities have been settled, the next step is selecting the floor plan and hiring skilled hands.

Professionals and contractors to rely on to build a home 

Constructing a home is a huge lifetime investment that takes serious commitment and expertise. According to the Bungalow Company, home building experts include: general building contractors or builders, architects, surveyors and structural engineers. An architect or designer will help design a custom home from scratch. These experts usually charge a fee ranging from 5 to 15% of the total home construction cost. For example, if the home costs $400,000, the architect may request for up to $60,000. Depending on the terms of engagement, the cost of designing a pre-existing family home can be as low as 2% of the total construction cost.

When it comes to choosing a plan, many homeowners prefer taking stock plans from online sources or printed catalogs. However, a planner or licensed architect can help you choose the most practical plan, modifications and modalities for constructing a custom designed home for your family. A hired building professional will also help you investigate the area building and zoning codes as well as the soil condition and drainage infrastructure. Whatever building design is chosen, the plan needs to be approved by the structural engineer.

According to most state rules, the structural engineer must make periodical inspections at each stage of construction to ensure the guidelines such as those set by the International Residential Code (IRC) are strictly adhered to. The engineer will also examine the mechanical, plumbing and electrical system construct of the building. The professional surveyor’s role comes much earlier in the process to ensure the lot of land you want to acquire is well plated. The general contractor is charged with constructing the building. Most contractor charge 10% of the entire home construction cost, but the cost may be higher depending on the agreed terms.

To get the best value, you need to interview potential builders to discuss the details of the works to be carried out along with the fee. Once the building is complete, you can contract the builder to undertake landscaping and hardscaping work. The works may include installing the driveway, irrigation systems, walkways, outdoor lighting and planting trees and laying of sod. The other experts you can hire during building construction include energy experts and Geotechnical engineers. The latter will help you build a green home while the former will analyze the suitability of the soil on the construction site.

Green Building 

Every year growing number of homeowners turn to energy efficient buildings and improvements to preserve the environment. Initiatives such as PACE financing have been established throughout the US to help homeowners achieve these goals. What is PACE finance? Well, according to YGrene, PACE or Property Assessed Clean Energy is a financing program designed to help property owners finance property improvements in order to make them eco-friendly and energy efficient. The program hopes to reduce the Carbon footprint and reinforce homes. Some of the projects being undertaken under the program have gone a long what to conserve water and guard against the effects of hurricanes and earthquakes.

The home improvement projects that have been financed by the program include installation of solar panels and insulation systems, lighting improvements, disaster proofing projects and cool roofing. PACE financing is available to private residential and commercial property owners. Property owner who apply for the program also enjoy several benefits, including no upfront payment, cost savings for eligible projects, 100% financing and competitive interest rates. The fund is accessible through the Ygrene Energy Fund, Inc and is administered at the local level to ensure wider reach. Ygrene is at the forefront of improving the environment and eliminating barriers that prevent energy efficient home improvement.


home building experts


The key implements needed to construct a home include land, construction materials and tools and skilled construction experts. The whole process also entails applying for permits and allowing building inspections at various stages of construction. With issues like building sustainability and environmental consciousness taking precedence, you can make your building eco-friendly and energy efficient by embracing energy efficient improvements.

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