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Diagnosis And Treatment For Leukaemia

Its highly expensive to treat any form of cancer. In the case of a blood cancer or Leukaemia patient will have to spend lakhs of rupees for a cancer facility. The cost of the treatment for cancer can vary from facility to facility.

This is when choosing Cancer facility for blood treatment becomes a very important factor for choosing. Leukaemia treatment cost in India is evidently less expensive. A Cancer facility for blood treatment abroad can charge over a million rupees whereas in India the same treatment is available at one-fifth of the cost. At the same time diagnosis and treatment plays a major role in curing cancer before deciding on the facility.

Here are few things to know about the effects of cancer on the body

Blood Cancer

Leukaemia  is a condition when the blood-forming tissues in the body are affected by abnormal growth of cells. This cancer of bone marrow or lymphatic system overrules the regular function of regulating white blood cells and multiply rapidly corroding their ability. The red blood cells and platelets production is affected and rapid multiplication of immature white blood cells takes place during the cancerous growth which in turn impairs the growth of healthy white blood cells. Once they become more in number than the healthy ones gradually reduce compromising immunity.


There are a number of tests to confirm blood cancer and a blood test is the most commonly used method. However, a bone marrow examination or CT Scan or an x-ray can confirm the existence of cancerous cells. A removal of a lymph node for examination also helps diagnose the dreadful disease. A treatment depends on the stages of cancer and the idea of knowing if cancer has spread in the patient’s body. Therefore simultaneously the doctor has to administer several tests as its very crucial to arrive at the cause of cancerous growth.

Leukaemia treatment cost in India


Leukaemia or blood cancer affects people from all ages. It affects men , women, And even children are also fall prey to this disease. Leukaemia treatment cost in India  and other cancer facilities are preferably less. They offer  highly effective treatments and and help the patient to get rid of the disease. Lack of immunity alone cannot be the sign of cancer as its slowly spreads in the body. Mostly the failure in the production of WBC causes delay in blood clotting because they blood lack platelets. An early sign of cancer can be bleeding often or red spots on the body leading to a haemorrhage. Frequent infections fungal infections, anaemia and breathing difficulties might sound the danger alarm.

Few more indicators like profuse weight loss, weariness, fatigue headache in case of damaged nervous system and sweating during nights requires a medical check-up to scrutinize the underlying causes. Those who work under exposure to radiations or have a family history of cancer or disorder in the chromosome are at higher risk of cancer. Even patients with  AIDS are at high-risk of being affected by blood cancer easily.


 The treatment options for the patients suffering from Leukaemia is either chemotherapy or radiotherapy, The most advanced however has been the stem cell transplantation where a healthy blood-forming stem cell from a bone marrow or umbilical cord or any other peripheral blood is taken to be transplanted in the affected area to cure cancer.

Cancer hospitals in India are renowned for providing inexpensive treatment in comparison with the western countries. This has not only helped the middle-class but also people from abroad have made India their destination for curing cancer.

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