Disability Support Is Not Just Support For The Ones Who Really Need It

There are a lot of individuals with different special needs, those with development needs like people with autism, down syndrome, dyslexia processing orders. There are also those with Physical needs these individuals are with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, asthma and etc, and there are those with behavioral or emotional needs like individuals with ADD (attention deficit disorder), individuals with bi-polar disorder, etc.

For these special people have types of disability support provided by the government in some countries disability is highly prioritized. They can see the potentials of the people with disability, they are focused to enhance their talents and capabilities as an individual, they truly believe that every person are equal despite their differences. It is not always as if they are not equal to the “normal” people. One way of welcoming them to the real world is by accepting them and not making them feel unwanted. Through these perks, they are able to see their capabilities and not the limitations that they were bound to believe.

Employment Services

Most of the establishments nowadays acknowledge individuals with disability, they give importance to these individuals, provide them with employment, they give tasks and trainings that are suitable to that individual.


There are institutes currently that provide free or they pay lesser than the people paying tuition in private schools that teaches individuals with special needs, Nowadays, the education to provide these individuals can easily achieve because of the Disability support provided by the government.

Disability Support


There is now a Paralympics, we all know that these athletes have special needs but we can really say that these individuals are way better than anyone with no disability.


The disability support provides health services to all people with disability and prioritized all with special needs, some countries they give monthly allowances or cash payments and medical care.

Priority Lanes

In restaurants or even in parking, like in the mall or any of the establishment. It is highly recognized that people with special needs are given these types of benefits.

Accessible Transport

Some countries provide educational monitors that are user friendly to provide accessibility and information in that certain transport they also provide personalized card that they can use as a means of accessing the said facility.

As the general population are slowly taking into consideration these people with special needs,

there are ways on how to handle or communicate well with these individuals. All should be aware of their needs, as some of them cannot understand thoroughly, speaking clearly and listening carefully helps, do not assume always that they need help, wait for them to ask for help, as some of them are already trained. Then again, they tend to do the activity slowly, do not forget also to always provide personal space for them, they may not tell directly but as an individual they need their personal space, respect and confidentiality is still a must. The generation now accepts and is very much aware with these situations. It is not as if they are being pampered through the support that they get, but in all honesty- this is also one way of letting them know that they are more than what they see themselves.


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