Does laser hair removal treatment work and are the results permanent?

The laser hair removal treatment was introduced almost a couple of decades back and now it is widely accepted by the dermatologists as an effective and safe treatment for removing unwanted hair from all small and large areas of your body. As everyone knows laser hair removal is a treatment used for removing unwanted facial or body hair. This technology is also called as procedure based and is a state of art technology. There have been several claims that laser hair removal is a treatment for permanent hair removal. It sounds exciting but is it also true? The question is how long does laser hair removal last?

Let us take a closer look at the procedure and see if the claims are reliable.

Does laser hair removal actually work?

The basic laser hair removal process depends on delivery of light onto the skin. This is again measured at specific wavelengths from hand-held instruments. This light focuses on the darker material on the skin. This material is the pigment found in your hair. This intense light damages your hair follicle and this slows down or eliminates the future hair growth. All this procedure is completed without adversely affecting the surrounding skin.

Another major advantage of using laser hair removal treatment is the speed at which the process gets completed. Small areas such as upper lip get treated in a matter of few seconds while the larger areas like your legs or back may take about an hour or so. By comparison the electrolysis consumes 125 hours for treating the back alone.

Do the laser hair removal treatments provide permanent results?

At the present moment, the medical consensus about the laser hair removal is that although the results might vary depending on the physical characteristics of any person like hair colour, skin tone etc, the treatment definitely works. Even in the toughest of cases you can pretty much expect a significant reduction in hair growth after a series of treatments. The hair that re-grows during the treatment is finer in texture and lighter in colour.

We at have mentioned this more than once – laser hair removal treatment is still easily the most effective treatment for permanent hair removal. This method has been established to provide wonders when you talk about removing unwanted hair. The effectiveness of the treatment in removing hair is the reason why it enjoys highest popularity. The only disadvantage being that you have to perform more than a single sitting. In order to ensure that the procedure is suitable for you, you can perform laser hair removal research on internet.

Are you considering getting the laser hair removal done?

It is quite possible that one of your friends has done it or you have seen an advertisement for this. When you check out the benefits of laser hair removal, you will soon realize that it might be the first and last time you will have to worry about this treatment. The main advantage of laser hair removal treatment is permanent hair removal for men and women. It is a terrific choice for many people out there.

Here are some more advantages of getting the permanent hair removal done.

  1. There is no need to worry about shaving any more. It is a permanent hair removal method but many times it takes more than one session, but you will not be required to shave again.
  2. As the necessity of shaving is gone you will not get any cuts and razor burns. These will be the things of the past. There is no need of getting shaves before heading on to a date and you never have to worry about wearing skirts and shorts again.
  3. You can get rid of the annoying hair from strange places on your body. These include upper lip, chest, legs, arms and the chin. The procedure can be used for hair removal from genital areas as well.
  4. The need for the painful waxing is eliminated permanently. There is no need to visit waxing saloon again and the need for this painful and expensive treatment is permanently avoided.
  5. You don’t have to pluck out the hair manually again.
  6. It doesn’t damage your skin like electrolysis.
  7. The treatment is effective on ingrown hair as well, that means no irritable bumps on the skin.
  8. It is an extremely effective treatment and the majority of users can see the results almostimmediately.


The most significant advantage of laser hair removal is, obviously not having to worry about the unwanted hair removal again. You will have a soft, clean and hair free skin that you can flaunt. Just imagine the possibilities.

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