Eliminating the Japanese knotweed

If you ever tried to get rid of the Japanese knotweed, you know that this is real work. Let’s talk a little about a way to eliminate the Japanese knotweed. There is a herbicide called glyphosate, which is sold under several brands, such as Roundup and Rodeo, which works very well to kill the Japanese knotweed. Most people think only of sprinkling it on the leaves of the plants. This will work to some extent, but it is very likely that Eye will return.

From family gardens, plots and business parks to stately homes, it is essential to ensure control over the Japanese knotweed in their lands.

Most people will not have such a big problem with weeds like the Japanese knotweed, but if you have a question, if you have a question, this is a good start. First, you must know what the Japanese knotweed is. Japanese Knotweed is a giant weed that grows quite tall. With large oval green leaves and some seedling buds per plant, the japanese knotweed uk is very easy to detect.

In general, the plant begins to grow in small places and due to the seedlings; It can spread very quickly and very easily. You should make sure you know where this weed is in your garden and be aware of any spread.

japanese knotweed uk

A much better way to use glyphosate is to put it directly on the plant.

This is similar to the death of a lethal injection. When you use this method, glyphosate enters the plant and kills it from the inside. It was better to use the injection method: wait until the end of summer and then introduce a herbicide into the plant between the first and second node of the stem. The reason is that, at this time of year, the plant prepares for death in the winter months and, therefore, feeds on nutrients inside the plant. When you enter a plant at this time, it will also take your herbicide deep. That is why the use of this method is more successful from the first or second attempt.

As it is a plant, what is known as a perennial herbaceous plant means that it will try to return every year. Even if he manages to get the Japanese knotweed out with this injection method, he can return next year. Just kill him again, and very soon he will not be able to return, and you can get rid of him once and for all.


You are probably wondering why you should not merely sprinkle glyphosate on the plant. Well, the reason is that this herbicide is what is known as a non-selective herbicide, which means that it will kill everything it touches. If you have a plant that you want to leave nearby, and you have some of this herbicide in it, they will die. This is a serious reason, but the most important reason is that the injection method is the one that works best and requires the least amount of repeated deaths to get rid of the eyes finally.

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