Experience Youtube to the Maximum

The current living is full of products of technology. Everywhere we go there is technology. The young generation has totally turned to social media and YouTube. For sure technology has changed our lives for the better. We just cannot avoid technology. It all started with computers and inter4net. It has now turned to the willing social media, where youths are obsessed with it. They spend most of their time on social media and YouTube. We can confirm youtube views from the internet where we can be sure how far and wide the idea of YouTube has gone. It is all over the world. Technology keeps on introducing new products at a very fast pace.

We must admit the world is changing very fast. It is happening all over the world. Our culture has changed. Our children are now more confined indoors playing online games. All the others including the very adults are glued to YouTube and social media. The major challenges and difficulties we are experiencing are that our young children are exposed to pornographic films at a very tender age. This is very worrying .we must wake up and do something about this. The cyber-crimes are also on the increase. We have reasons to be worried about the changing trends. The entertainment industry has lost billions of dollars to piracy and cyber-crimes. We must do something about the situation. We should come out of our cocoons and let our society be better than it is currently.


The security must come out honestly and help us. The situation can get out of hand if we are not careful. We have to ensure our values and culture does not erode before us.We must take care and ensure that we are safe and secure. Let us take the responsibility upon ourselves and make it happen. Our lives are shaken to the very roots. We have to save our society from collapsing. The security agents should not let themselves be compromised. They have to make it very clear to the criminals that their days are numbered. The long arm of the government must come out forcefully and do something about the situation. We have to ensure that we are safe. We should not let the criminals overpower us.

It is just too early to give up. The battle is not yet over. In fact, it is just beginning. Technology came with its challenges, but we must admit how much it has rescued us. We used to be primitive and backward. We are now advanced because of technology. We must admit that we are better off. We must fight crime to the last bit of exhaustion. Never should we get tired of arresting criminals.

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