Have beautiful hair to add on to your personality-

It is very commonly seen that girls do spend thousands of rupees every year on the upkeep of their skin and hair. There is hardly anyone that does not like silky, stronger and voluminous hair. There are hundreds of desperate women looking for solutions to have beautiful hair natural with easy and non-expensive ways to look beautiful. For this some of them also follow very frequently some healthy hair tips in hindi on the internet to have the simple steps conducted at home to have voluminous and shiny hair.

Some natural hair care tips, which will help one maintain healthy locks include-

  • Stop using hair styling treatments- Use of harsh chemicals on the hair at regular basis will only spoil the hair growth in the long run. Hence, it’s advisable to embrace the natural beauty of the hair and find out the best way to avoid chemicals based treatments, or, at least, use them rarely.
  • Take nutritious diet- For healthy and long hair it is always advisable to drink lots of water and include protein into the diet full of lentils and meat, for example, are good sources of proteins. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient promoting hair growth, hence green leafy vegetables, carrots and cod liver oil should also be included into the diet regime.This is seen that healthy diet leads to healthy long locks.
  • Use curd for beautiful hair- Mixing two table spoons of curd with one table spoon of lemon juice and applying it on hair on regular basis, strengthen both the roots and the length. Instead of using a hair conditioner after shampooing, applying curd and rinsing it thoroughly with lukewarm water adds a lot of shine, softness and silky touch to hair.

  • Don’t use a comb on wet hair- It is always considered better to let the hair dry naturally. Especially in summer time, the comb should not be used on the wet hair otherwise it might result in damage and breakage.
  • Don’t use hot water for rinsing hair- It is said that using hot water during hair wash may result in damaging the tips of the hair and also causing damage to the scalp resulting in dandruff.
  • Stay very gentle on hair- One must avoid being harsh when combing, drying or styling the hair, because any sort of harsh movements can significantly damage the locks reducing their strength.
  • Keep oil free scalp- Hair wash should be quite frequently done, depending on the oiliness of the skin, as well as the exposure to dirt and dust as oil and dust are both not good for hair. But it’s also not good to wash your hair daily as this can strip it from natural oils which are essential for healthy hair growth. It is very important to find out a balance. For this beauty hair tips in hindi for proper washing can also be seen.

Our hair is that part of our personality which makes our overall personality look beautiful and elegant. It is the most precious ornament of women. One must take proper care at aregular basis.

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