High-Quality Auto-Glass: Simple Tips For Windshield Care

Our car windshield has a purpose. It’s not all for the looks. They are specifically designed to provide us a shield against the elements and from the harsh weather. Aside from that, it also acts as protection and saves our lives during an accident. In most instances, the windshield prevents the roof from caving in and it keeps the front passengers from flying out. 

Proper Windshield Care

However, even though car owners know how important their windshield is, they tend to forget to care for it. In fact, it is one of the frequently taken-for-granted parts of the car. The sad thing is, we expect the windshield to do its job but we fail to give it proper maintenance and as a result, it gets broken easily and has to be replaced. To help, you can visit or read here are some tips that can guide you on how to care for your windshield.

  • Don’t Slam Your Doors! Always remember that slamming your doors can cause too much vibration inside your car. In the long run, the side windshields will get loose. Avoid this especially if you already have small chips that you have not fixed yet. They will spread little by little every time you slam your car door.
  • Avoid Parking In Direct Sunlight. Too much heat and overexposure to sunlight can shorten the lifespan of your windshield. So try to park in shaded areas if you can. The Ultraviolet rays can damage the tint as well as the structural integrity of the windshield glass. If there are little chips, it can get worse if there is a temperature difference inside and outside your car.

Auto Glass Simple Tips For Windshield Care

  • Get Chips Fixed ASAP! If you notice stone chips or dings, make sure to have it fixed as soon as possible. Do not wait for it to get worse. Remember that a simple ding can cost way much lesser than a windshield replacement. And the latter is very possible if you wait longer for the chip to get fixed.
  • Always Clean And Replace Your Wipers. If you see scratches on your windshield, they probably come from the sand or dirt particles in your wipers. You always need to check your front and rear wipers. They should be cleaned regularly and replaced as needed. In fact, car technicians suggest replacing your wipers every three months. When cleaning your wipers, use a rag and windshield washer fluid so you can effectively remove any contaminants.
  • Say NO To Ammonia-Based Cleaners. Before you clean your windshield, check the ingredients of your glass cleaner. Avoid those that are ammonia-based. They are meant to clean the glass windows or doors of your home, but not your car. They will destroy the tint! Instead, you can use vinegar, alcohol, or if you have the budget, a car window cleaner that you can find in the automotive section of a store. While cleaning, use microfiber towels because they are absorbent and do not leave any streaks.

Cleaning your windshield is a must, but you also need to know how to do it the right way. Remember that if you care for your windshield glass, they will also last longer. You can avoid problems like cracks if you follow the tips mentioned above.

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