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How far the medical technology has gone

We all know that technology has made our lives very much easy and efficient to live. This advancement is not only done in technology which is in IT sector but also in medical, manufacturing industries, etc. Due to these technologies India has become a very developed nation and will going to be on top one day. Now days our dependency on technology has gone too far that without using this technology we cannot even stand 1 day. Everywhere we see, technology has bounded us so much that we cannot even eat something if we do not use any kind of technology. This case is with all sectors which use technology whether it is IT sector, Medical sector, agricultural sector, etc.

 Now if we have a look in medical technology, earlier there was no technology used in medical sector as people were scared to get their treatments with machines instead of doctors. But now the scenario is changed. Doctors are left only to do some normal checkups and to tell which type of treatment has to be done or in which type of condition the patient is in. People go to abroad to have some treatments which are still not available in India. So just think after so much of development in medical sector if still there is some sort of technology left to come in India then what will happen to employment area of this sector. If all the robots will be assigned to do the treatments, then where will these doctors go?

 The main motive behind these technologies is to make people’s life healthy and to cure all the diseases which are hitting humans in a serious way.  Medical facility contributes to living longer and better to develop a healthy nation.

8 constitutional medicine

Types of inventions in medical sector

People now sitting at home can check their Blood pressures, Diabetes level, etc. This technology is very useful for old age people who are living alone and cannot afford to go to clinics for their checkups. Cancer care products are launched because earlier it used to be very difficult to detect cancer cells but now it can be done with Precision medicine. Now 8 constitution medicine have been started using in India in some hospitals. These 8 constitution medicines work on12 type of human organs which are the heart, the lungs, the kidney, the pancreas, the small intestine, the stomach, the bladder, the gall bladder, the liver, the large intesti8ne, the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve. The 8 constitution medicines work on the eight dynamic orders between these 12 organs.

Hence, medical technology has gone very much far and I think one day people will come to India so that they can have world class treatments here.

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