As part of your SEO strategy have you incorporated guest blogging? Ponder over a few seconds as there are some important things you need to be aware. Powerful words from Google have not cast a damp squib over people and still Guest blogging services garners attention of users. But what we are looking to observing is whether Guest blogging is beneficial from a SEO point of view.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging connotes publishing content on websites. In digital practice this is a common practice that can work wonders for SEO. On occasions you merely need to add a backlink to your website. In hindsight this can have a positive result on your search engine rankings.

As per guidelines of Google, do they find anything wrong with Guest blogging? Nearly 53 % of audience is of the opinion for inbound marketing strategy link building is important. The opinion of Google is blunt in this case but it would be hard to resist the temptation of guest blogs. You could term that this situation may have risen due to abuse

An Ethical Approach to Guest Blogging

An important advice when you are formulating content for your website is that it is not for link building merely. Educating audience and providing value should be at the back of your mind. Guest blogging should work on this aspect as back links to your blog needs to be secondary. In adopting this strategy would lead to an ethical approach and as per stipulated guidelines formulated by Google. Why would you want to link a quality blog to a website which receives minimum traffic?

Below are mentioned a few tips that would trim down your SEO guest blogging service in an effective way.

Guest Blogging Services

Trust relevant websites

On a contrary locate websites which are easy to navigate and use. The primary reason being quality content is already on such websites.

By using SMErush you can calculate amount of traffic which a website is receiving. A quality website will receive a lot of traffic. Once you are there, observe the backlink profile. Keep in mind that for the sites that you have written it should relate to a similar industry like yours. Relevance will be assured and you are tapping on to the correct audience.

Now the question is where you can locate opportunities for guest blogging? First course of action would be website pages of your competitors. Back link auditor would enable you to test quality links on how competitors have scaled top page of Google.

Strategize content for a website where curated content exists-

This is repletion of the above point, but it is worth mentioning on its own. To online directories you need to add listings, in a same way individuals should not generate generic content. If without asking any questions websites would allow you to upload their content, there is an issue. Write for any websites where your content is reviewed before publication. This ensures that quality parameters are in place. At the same time contact details needs to be mentioned on the website as it shows a legitimate business.

No abusing anchor text-

Keep away from exact matching with keywords because from every guest post you are bound to avail links. On rankings anchor test has relevant importance as it is important to maintain a varied and natural link profile away from external links.

In case if you put all your efforts on guest blogging and this has paved way for every anchor text match like” painting suppliers” it spells trouble. Reliable tools are available to ascertain information about anchor text where a keyword balance ratio can be achieved. This would be between commercial and branded anchor texts.

Keyword stuffing should be avoided keeping the needs of customer base in mind-

Do not write for search engines, but write for people! Information presented needs to be useful for the users. It also means that Google is not going to come across your content as something unnatural and would try to dodge guidelines.

No mass produce, but reproduce content with an element of caution-

Google had send out a warning for large article campaigners. This is a method where spamming takes place via article spamming. You tweak or edit a post so that it can be published in multiple websites. Repurposing audience for which you have already incorporated content is fine, but to rewrite it all over again is not worth. For safe and likeable results for your target audience it is much better to draft a guest blog.

As part of your link building strategy, guest blogging is a single component-

As a token of trust Google observes the quality of links that are posted on to your website. In the eyes of Google link profile should not look unnatural. For building links it is better to take a diversified approach.

Apart from guest blogging there are various strategies that you can pick up:

  1. Contribution to various charities.
  2. Roll out offers and discounts.
  3. Be part of events.

You need to broaden you views and do not allow guest blogging to be the front or last for your link building mechanism.

To conclude is guest blogging good for a SEO strategy. Yes but it has to be within prescribed guidelines formulated by Google. If you publish high quality content, websites can draw in inspiration from search engine rankings which drive in more traffic to your website.

Just about any other method of SEO it is prone to abuse. Things could turn upside down if you do not comply within guidelines of Google webmaster. A beneficial piece of advice, do not rely on guest blogging to develop back links. Do not commit the mistake of linking a poor quality link to your website on a larger scale. This was the ultimate warning of Google in 2017 and will not last.

If you still have positive thoughts of guest blogging for SEO then do go ahead