Night of the Rabbit Game Review

The night of the rabbit is a big and exquisitely hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game that’s super adorable. It’s a cheerful game that takes you into a magical world. The game has well-detailed how-to-play hints, all-spell description, fully illustrated walkthrough, and quartet card game rules. Let’s discuss the 밤토끼 in details for you to grasp its concept better.

Detailed Design and Graphics

The Night of the Rabbit is an interestingly captivating and charming video game that’s extracted from a children’s book. Its hand-drawn graphics are exceptionally detailed while the soft filters demonstrate the Developer’s prowess in plucking content from a kid’s book and creating real gameplay from it. Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, the game has spot-on voice acting and competent music. The entire game has reminiscent of high-definition and boasts of outstanding English accents.


Amazing Cursor States and Actions

The night of the rabbit is a classic game that uses single-click system. It has a built-in cursor that changes to suit the current action. It comes with 4 sorts of cursor and action states which are Move, Talk, Look, and Use. The talk action is elected on a Mouth-like cursor, Look elected on an eye-like cursor, Move an arrow-like cursor while Use is elected by a hand-like cursor. In the gameplay, the Talk Cursor is erected on Jerry’s mother, Use cursor erected on the carrot patch, the move cursor erected on the upper-right path while the Look cursor is erected on Hazelnuts’ mailbox.

Decent Origin

밤토끼 is a story-driven adventure game that explores a magical world in a decisive manner. The game was born out of Matthias Kempke’s passion for kid’s games and desire to create a wonderful game that offers a wonderful and magical world for exploration. It’s based on a multi-layered story that starts in funny and light-hearted ways but turns into a thought-provoking and dramatic ways within 20 hours of gameplay. This game uses a unique world design and character. It is run by original animal people who are the ideal population that make the game live and interesting.  It was originally created in the form of short stories that were uniquely crafted by the creator.  The stories are provided as in-game bonuses.

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