Selecting the right type of weight loss surgery

People these days have become weight and health conscious and doing everything within their means to lead a decent, happy and healthy life. But unfortunately there are few people from both the genders who are noticed to suffer from obesity. Immense body weight has been killing their social and personal life with some even contemplating of suicide. Although many types of weight loss program and procedures are found, it is confusing as to which one will require not much effort and can provide instant results and is completely safe. There are also many who fear the needle and surgery and may look for safe weight loss options. It is for this reason, it becomes important for the person to consult a good physician specialized in this field and check out the best available option.

best bariatric results

Effectiveness of Bariatric surgery

One such procedure that is recommended by physicians across the globe for effective weight loss is bariatric surgery. Getting to know the procedure’s effectiveness will be quite beneficial to determine if it is meant for the person or not. With weight loss surgery cost in India becoming affordable, patients can now look forwards to becoming slim for the rest of their lives.

It is possible to achieve the very best bariatric results with the following:

  • Highly experienced and well competent bariatric surgeons.
  • The leading hospitals being well equipped with after care facilities focusing on exercise, behavioral and dietary changes. Hospitals should maintain international standards of protocol and hygiene.
  • Weight loss surgery in India is to be performed with the collection and conscious decision taken by the reputed bariatric surgeon and the patient.
  • Irrespective of choosing adjustable gastric band bariatric surgery or Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery, the results obtained are sure to alter their food and lifestyle habits for good. The weight loss procedure does help to regulate the individual’s food and hunger portions. At the same time, it is equally important for the person to sustain pursuing the instructions given by the physicians after the weight loss surgery procedure is over.

Few things to consider while selecting a surgery type

  • Realistic expectations: Gastric bypass patients are noticed to lose about 70% of their excess weight. Around 60% is lost through sleeve gastrectomy surgery and 50% through gastric banding type. This however, depends upon how well the follow up is done by the patient and lifestyle and dietary changes committed to, which comes with the surgery. Each surgery even though offers different outcome in weight loss percentage, it is likely to improve significantly life and health quality.
  • Loose skin: it is actually reflection of weight loss in significant terms. If the procedure is found to be fast or slow should not matter. In 150 lbs is lost by the gastric bypass, sleeve and gastric band patients, then some loose skin are sure to be found.
  • Lifestyle changes and follow-up: Dietary changes are quite crucial for achieving optimum weight loss results. Regular follow-ups are required for tightening up the band.

After the procedure, there is constraint on intake of food, portions, and to perform regular exercises to enjoy the benefits.


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