Strip the wood with the help of power sander

A sander is used to smooth surface of the wood with abrasive sandpaper. This power tool is attached with sandpaper and it possesses a mechanism to move it spontaneously. You can work it by the hand or fix it in a workbench. There are different types of power sanders that are used for different purposes. The detailed explanation about the various sanders is given below. Each type of sanders possesses their own quality and has advantages and disadvantages while you going to strip the wood with power sander.

Types of power sanders

Disc Sanders

All disc sanders have a circular rubber pad positioned in the right angles. It helps to drive the spindle of the motor whereas the abrasive discs are fastened by a flange and screw those threads into a steel rod which is held firmly by the drill chuck. Discs are easy to change and the grits are good with 5″- and 6″-diameter. They are used to remove a lot of paint on wood or a large amount of wood to sand off but cannot be used for finish work. The disc sanders are used as polishers to remove the abrasives and cover the pad using a lambs-wool bonnet.

Belt Sanders

The belt sanders are suitable for heavy-duty work over large and flat surfaces. The portable ones are suitable for smoothing large. A stationary belt sander can be pressed for using the joining work and finishing work.

strip the wood with power sander

Finishing Sanders

Finishing sanders provide a surface with a fine finish but they do not remove the paint instantly. They can easily provide a smooth, fine surface. The smoothing plasters patchwork and dry-wall taped joints can be made by medium grit.

Safety measures to follow

There are certain safety measures you should follow before taking any woodworking project with a sander and you need to learn the effective techniques when you going to do strip the wood with power sander. Here are the five easy tips to complete the woodworking project safely and securely without harming yourself.

  1. It is recommended to wear eye and ear protection while operating on power sanders. You can also use earplug but it is better to use headphones which cancels the heavy duty noises. Power sanders are very loud on turning them the first time. You can use safety goggles to protect eyes while ensuring full protection.
  1. The disposable respirator can protect your respiration which is available at a cheap price. You should avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry. It is better to tuck up your Long
  1. Your workroom should be adequately ventilated and use proper dust collecting systems which consist of vacuum hose or a dust collecting bag.
  1. Do not push the sanders too hard because the weight of the tool itself applies adequate pressure on the working wood. A high force can also cause blistering, kickback and burning that can injure you.
  1. Use vise or clamp to secure the workpiece properly before using a portable electric sander. This protects you and wood piece from damages.

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