Symphony Air Coolers – Why to buy them

Summers are just around the corner, and it is time that you start planning about the long and hot summers ahead of time. Since it’s the winter season, proper planning can help you save a lot of money as it is the off-season for summer air cooling appliances, and you can get quality performance appliances at a bargain price.

Check air cooler price today on Compare Raja and get the best possible deals that are light on your pocket without compromising your comfort this summer. Compare Raja compiles the list of all air cooler models available at the top retailers for you and makes it easier for you to make an informed decision.

Advantages of Air Cooler

  • Air coolers offer portability, unlike any other appliance. You can place them almost anywhere in the house, move them across rooms as per your convenience. As opposed to air conditioners, air coolers offer much more mobility. You can move air cooler wherever they are needed as opposed to everyone moving to the room with the air conditioner in it, rendering daily activities incomplete.
  • Air coolers cost a fraction of what air conditioners cost with no loss of cooling effectiveness. An air cooler will keep your room as fresh as spring without spending all that extra cash for an air conditioner plus the installation costs.
  • Air coolers also use way less electricity than air conditioners, thus lower electricity bills and lower maintenance costs. You don’t need to call in a technician every time you want to clean your air cooler.
  • There are two kinds of air coolers, desert coolers, and room coolers. Room coolers can be placed in any corner of the room, and they will cool the room down with great efficiency. While air coolers circulate the air already inside the room and cool it with every circulation, desert coolers suck in air from outside and add water to it, increasing the moisture content and cool down the room.
  • Air coolers do not bring down temperature as much as an air conditioner, which means you can leave them running without worrying about the electricity bill, or it gets cold enough to make you sick.

Symphony Air Coolers

Symphony air coolers are the leading air cooler brand in the country with air coolers across the price spectrum. They are industry leaders in evaporative air cooling and are a reliable name in Indian households.

Symphony Air Coolers

Symphony offers affordable cooling options to households, commercial establishments, and businesses across 60 countries with over 30000 retailers and more than 1000 distributors across the world, making them a truly global brand. Visit Compare Raja to check out Symphony air cooler prices available at retailers all over India.

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