Want to visit Johor Bahru’s theme parks? Get to know it here

Sitting right next to the Singaporean border, the very vibrant and progressive town of Johor Bahru in Malaysia is one of the top tourist destinations in the country because of it’s family-friendly attractions which makes it very popular to a lot of people.

If you are on the side of Singapore, you can quickly take a quick day trip to Johor Bahru where you will be treated with high-end malls, a wide array of fusion food restaurants, and lively bars while you stroll around historic sites and streets of the old Malaysia when it was still a British colony.

Johor Bahru today is not just known for its high-end malls, restaurants, historic sites, but the town recently has opened more and more theme parks perfect for a family outing so, let us take a look at what is in store for us in the http://www.puteriharbour.com/.

Johor Bahru’s theme parksJohor Bahru’s theme parks

  • Lego Land- You can stow the kids in your car and head straight to Johor Bahru’s magnificent Lego Land where the kids can enjoy this theme park that first opened in 2012. Lego Land is where the kids can enjoy famous Lego characters such as the Ninjago, Star Wars Lego, the Lego Mindstorms and use their creativity to make their own building blocks and characters. Lego Land also has a hotel and a waterpark that can make the trip more awesome.
  • Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark- This is the latest theme park that opens in entire Malaysia. It is very popular to many because of its scenic backdrop of the Kampung-themed surroundings where it features a unique mix of more than 20 wet and dry rides, slides, and other attractions that are worth the visit especially when you dive to its humongous man-made wave pools and its first-ever water roller coaster that can only be found in Johor Bahru in entire Malaysia.
  • Hello Kitty Town- If you are true blue fan of Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters, go ahead and visit Hello Kitty Town and the Thomas Indoor theme parks that are located at the Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park which allow visitors to experience a whole new fun with Hello Kitty and friends and dine in at the Cinnamoroll Café and enjoy the rides at Strawberry King.
  • Flights of Fancy- Angry Birds, one of the most popular mobile game has its own theme park only found in Johor, Bahru named Flights of Fancy. This theme park has a huge space of 26,000 square feet and it is located the Johor Bahru’s city center where it is surrounded by malls, dining, and entertainment shops and destinations. It has an indoor playground with obstacle courses that will keep kids playing for hours.
  • Future Land Fun Zone- Get to experience playing virtual reality indoor theme park which is also a first in Johor, Bahru, get to use all the latest technological devices and equipment to play exciting games both for young and adults and enjoy its 7D cinema and other virtual reality simulators.

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