What are most mens clothes made from

Women are blessed with styles and designs of clothes. Mini skirts, maxi skirts, dresses, trouser suits, culottes, shorts, jackets even lingerie and all of it in lots of different types of material. What about men? Well, there is certainly a growing trend towards more and more styles and materials used but at the end of the day these still come down to a few simple basics. One of the most popular designs is that of the Mens Farah Clothing, This design classic was first introduced in the 1920’s and has remained a staple of mens designs. Some of the best examples can be seen at where there are a multiple  colours and styles that can be viewed. What are the most common types of material that is used by for mens clothings?

It is common knowledge that wool comes from sheep and it’s a very good job that is does because the human race and not just men have benefitted from the weaving of this ultra useful material. It is a blank canvas when it comes what can be done with it. The dyeing of it for different colour purposes have been around for years dating from the use of berries and the like. The material is also incredibly useful as it can make jumpers, socks and it is a brilliantly adept at keeping the human body warm.

Whilst wool is useful cotton is another popular material for menswear. Unlike it is not gained from an animal but is grown as part of the cotton plant. It is a nightmare to harvest as it needs to be picked directly from the plant is it can be woving. It was controversial, however, as there was so much of it needed to be harvested it fell to the slave trade to pick it and collect it. Cotton is easily made into the everything such as trousers, shirts and light jackets.

Whilst they can make problematic trousers, as Ross from friends found out to his cost, the jacket is the king of the material. It is iconic as worn by James Dean and Mad Max also more recently the evil character Negan in the Walking Dead. Not bad considering its the skin of a cow.

Back to the production of a material by plants again Linen comes from the flax plant. Like cotton it is a difficult plant to harvest but unlike cotton it dries quicker and can keep you cooler. It is used to make a huge amount of mens clothing from summer trousers and very smart jackets,