What Is Dharma; Know About The Reality Of Life And Significance Of Your Existence Through Its Answer

Have you ever heard about “dharma” before? If yes, then what is that first thought that hits your mind? Rules and customs of a religion, isn’t?

In today’s world where we are totally involved in numerous things, we are forgetting the real meaning of Dharma. All we know about this is that there is a religion with specific customs and set of rules that a person have to follow if he/she belongs to that religion. With this much knowledge we are heading ahead in our lives and preaching others about religion and truth. A well known saying says “Before you practice preaching, practice what you practice!” and before even preaching yourself, you must know the right knowledge that you should feed yourself.

Dharma; a source of salvation, a medium of acquiring the truth of existence:

If we search the adequate definition for What is Dharma, we will be getting numerous explanations from different types of priests or religious leaders. But the most accurate knowledge you may obtain from the Buddhist’s mythologies. Their belief, preaching and other factors regarding the term dharma is quite different and reasonable than the others definitions stated by other religious leaders or preachers.

Dharma according to the Buddhism is a way to reach towards the ultimate truth, knowing the reasons for your existence and what you are expected to perform in this material world by divine God. Knowing your reality and meeting salvation is one of the significant factors according to the Buddhists beliefs. The founder of Buddhism “Enlightened Buddha” had preached their followers about the reality of this outer world and your inner world i.e., soul with the help of a medium called dharma. He has done numerous types of preaching regarding Dharma, its meaning and significance. Other than this a concept of Karma was also introduced by him.

Dharma and karma are linked to each other:

According the Hinduism, the karma is given more importance than dharma. Their beliefs are based on the practice of doing right Karma. They believe that if we will do right to each and everyone, that thing will come back to us in one way or other. Same follows the context of bad deeds which says that if you will do wrong to anyone, be ready for its consequences as the karma will bring your actions back to you one fine day.

Hence, dharma is the source of salvation and knowing the reality of either of the worlds whether inside or outside. This will lead you to the enlightenment of your closed mind and false beliefs. In brief, dharma is all about believing, acting and living in truth!