What To Know When Driving License Revoked on Medical Grounds

It’s the core job of the Secretary of State for Transport to make sure anyone holding a driving license is medically fit for the same. They can always offer, revoke, and even refuse driving licenses to drivers who are deemed mentally and physically unfit for being on the road. The decisions on whether to revoke a driver’s license on the medical ground are determined on the findings of the DVLA once they are through with their research. Get to understand some important facts regarding driving license revoked on medical grounds.

Not All health Conditions Warrant the Revocation of Driving License

Your driving license can only be revoked if you suffer from specific medical conditions. These include neurological and mental health problems, visual impairments, strokes, diabetes, and physical disabilities.   Epilepsy and diabetes are considered the biggest health threats that can make people lose their licenses on medical grounds. Both diseases make victims to lose consciousness and control over their body function which increases the risk of an accident happening.

You Can Question the Revocation If you So Wish

In the event of a driving licence revoked on medical grounds, you have the option to question the decision made by DVLA. After DVLA is informed about you, they will take it upon themselves to investigate your health condition before they decide whether to revoke your license or not.  It is mandatory for their decisions to be within the statutory provisions on the constitution. In the event you don’t feel satisfied with the decisions, you can appeal the revocation. With the right information at hand, you may be able to make DVLA change their decision on the revocation.

You can Use Services of Qualified Solicitors

After your driving license is revoked on medical grounds, you shouldn’t try to appeal the decision on your own. Professional assistance from qualified and experienced solicitors can help make the process less demanding and complex. With their many years of professionalism, they will be able to come up with the necessary data and evidence to prove to the jury that the decision to revoke your driving license didn’t follow the set statutory provisions. They will help you to get your revoked license unrevoked to ensure you can peacefully and safely drive again.

It isn’t a crime to be diagnosed with diseases like diabetes, epilepsy, stroke, and physical disabilities. However, driving while you suffer from these diseases are considered a threat to those on the road. That’s why the DVLA tends to revoke the licenses of those who are diagnosed with such diseases. Not all the instances do the DVLA take their time to research the real health status of the names of people forwarded to them. So, they sometimes revoke the licenses of people aren’t sick from any of such diseases. In the event of such instances, you may want to appeal the decision.

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