8 kinds of documents required in China

China is a place which is counted in one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Every civilization had a river to get water from. There is Yellow River in China and the civilization of China was based near yellow river. The Civilization that took birth eons ago has now become a very important platform for many people in the world. Most of the industries are performing well in the world. It is a dream destination to study medicine in china. Special benefits are for the foreigner students. However one needs to notice that the number of seats is getting lesser because the universities in China are getting more and more applications. The features of Chinese medical universities are irresistible. These pictures are backed by the lowest fee structure in the world. The Chinese government is offering subsidies to the medical universities of China for charging low fees, rather the lowest fees in the world.

There are in total 8 types of documents which are required by any of the medical universities in China. The names of those documents are passport, application form, the scorecards earned in the competitive exams, letter of recommendation, the certificates, passport size photograph, experience certificate and some additional documents. These documents must be ready with you in the number of copies that are required and in the format of originality or copy that is required.

Application form

The application form is the one which is downloaded, filled and then submitted to the Chinese Medical University to apply for becoming a student and taking admission in the respective University. All the details of the student are mentioned over here.

The passport

The passport is a very important thing, when we travel out of the country. Having the passport is a mandatory requirement and without showing the original passport you can’t enter any country or go from any country.

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The score cards

There are some universities in China which may require some special scores in competitive exams to take admission in their University. All the score cards must be submitted to the University for taking admission. Some common score cards are of NEET (National eligibility come entrance test), IELTS or TOEFL, etc.

Letter of recommendation

Letter of recommendation letter is signed by the professor or professors of your previous college of graduation or post graduation for post graduation or doctorate degree. The professors must be of your respective home countries. This letter of recommendation is required after graduation.

The certificates

The important certificates like admit cards, mark sheets of the previous courses, passing certificate, etc. Some certificates may be required in original and some required in photo copies. Please read carefully how many copies are required to avoid Hustle and bustle at the eleventh hour. The transfer certificate is always required in original.

Passport size photographs

Around 15 to 20 copies of passport size photographs required by every medical university in China. All the photographs should have white background only.

Additional documents

The additional documents can be related to the extra-curricular activities that you have participated so far in your school or college. These additional documents are very important to showcase your personality.

Experience certificates

Experience certificate with respect to any company or a non government organization can do wonders to help you in taking admission. You may be associated with an NGO which looks after the people who are not so fit. This will give you an added advantage over other applications. All these documents are mandatory for you to submit if you want to study medicine in china.