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Bad breath during the course of pregnancy

All of us would be aware that pregnancy respiratory disorders arise during this juncture. But one problem that springs up which most of you would not be aware has to be bad breath. It does pose a lot of issues during pregnancy and can be solved with additional care.

What are the main reasons on why pregnant is prone to bad breath?

Changes in your hormone levels

Pregnancy all the more in the first few weeks brings about a lot of changes in your hormone levels. As a result of it additional plaque in the teeth is formed. As this plaque is known to contain bacteria this could lead to possibility of gum disease.


Women are likely to eat sufficient meals once in a while, but as far as water levels are concerned it is not up to the desired mark. When a growing fetus women should go on to support the systems that work overtime during this phase. When there is lack of hydration it does cause dry mouth. It has to be stated that this is the main culprit for bad breath and one of the simplest remedies is to increase the intake of water. It is not like medicine for respiratory disease in pregnancy, you can take necessary steps at your own end to keep the problem in control.

Calcium needs

It is not only that you would need additional water, a pregnant women does need additional amount of calcium to support herself along with the growing baby. When the levels of calcium lag down, the calcium from the teeth or bones are used. The teeth levels tapering off do cause bad breath.

Morning sickness

A majority of women fall prey to morning sickness at some point during pregnancy. This tends to happen in the first 6th to 12 week of pregnancy and these aids to the feeling of nausea and morning sickness. There is no point in denying the fact that this could be one of the reasons for bad breath. Food items digested on a partial level and a mixture of stomach acids happens to a problem that is unpleasant for a person and any person who is likely to come in contact with them.

Vomiting upon morning sickness happens to be another problem. It is suggested that you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth on a regular basis. It is going to remove the bacteria and create a pleasant smell.

Life style changes

When you are pregnant, it brings down changes in your lifestyle coupled with natural tendencies. Night cravings or too much of sugary foods could build up the intake of plaque. When you are pregnant it is all the more important to take care of your teeth and in particular reference to your oral health. Ideally you should go on to visit a dentist once in every 6 months.

Women are known to sacrifice their bad breath for the developing baby as well.

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