Beginner’s guide in using semi-permanent nail polish

There are different types of manicure sets and nail polish that you can buy in the market depending on your preference, but one of the most popular types nowadays is the semi-permanent nail polishes which set a remarkable impression when it comes to putting beauty and elegance on your nails using enameled polish which already evolved and has no length limitation when it comes to false nails that are fastened with stickers a few years back.

Nowadays, these nails are already a staple use for people who want to use it as it values your time and is very passionate decoration and beauty to your nails.

A Uñas semipermanentes have brought a total change when it comes to the process of putting fashion and style to your nails through a manicure. It brought a revolutionary way which it is aimed to achieve the durability and also to make it last longer with elegance once you applied it to your nails.

Uñas semipermanentes

The concept of semi-permanent nail polish has changed tremendously in recent years just to make you fully aware of it. This is not limited anymore by using different materials and substances, which was the trend in the past, such nails are now represented by many who values their time and are passionate when it comes to decorating their nails.

However, in order to achieve that long-lasting nail polish, you should get special semi-permanent enamel and use them at your home with a base that is made from gel because this will make your nails to become more durable and will achieve that natural lasting effect on it.

There are many ways to apply semi-permanent nail polishes, for best results, you should apply a particular kind of enamel that gives its superb result when it is used as a gel base. Once the gel base is applied on the nail, it will be requiring an ultra-violet lamp or an LED lamp to dry it completely and also to increase its durability which can extend longer than its lifespan. You can achieve this without the nails becoming damaged or scratched so be careful though.

The base gel has the capability of providing your nails a natural look and it is widely available at cosmetics shops and beauty specialty shops, all you have to do is get a full kit of the manicure so that you can start to do your nails like a professional at the very the comfort of your home.

Just a pro tip, if you are applying the base gels and the semi-permanent nail polish to your nails, you have to make sure to use aluminum curls, or better yet, you have to use smaller latex finger cots that are soaked with acetone. After that, you have to leave it for five to 15 minutes depending on the brand that you have bought. After it totally dried up, you have to scrape it completely for the next part which is the coating.

The coating is crucial because you have to apply layers of thin coating and then file the nail border after. If you applied the coating properly, you will surely achieve a manicure that can last for more than 21 days.

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