Best Telugu Love stories

Is there anything better than going back home after a hard and stressful day at work or college and relaxing while watching a good movie? What should you watch, that is the question now? Below you will find a recommendation on which are the best Telugu love stories to come back to over and over. Of course, you can click here to watch it anytime you want.

There is a lot of Telugu movies and stories you will never forget, but these three will have a special place in your heart. Enjoy, stream, watch, and bring tissues. These stories will touch your soul!

Kotha Bangaru Lokam

The story begins with Balu, a good boy coming from a lovely middle-class family. And there is Swapna, the girl whose parents are wealthy but also highly strict. They both are students of a residential college in Visakhapatnam. They fell in love with each other, but after their picture gets to the newspaper, Swapna was taken down from studies. Also, if Balu wanted to take his exams, they told him that he must bring his father with him. So Balu had no choice, but he did not tell his father the real side of the story. Over time, he was not studying, and he was thinking and daydreaming about her. When the day of exams came, Balu brought his father with him only to see Swapna, but his father still believed him. But her parents already arranged another marriage for her. What is going to happen?


This film is a very dynamic and actioned film created with the love story of two people who are in love, but they will soon get in danger. It is based on a real story because there were a couple of businessmen from Dubai who tried to take the girls from India and later sell them in Dubai. So the girl from the story was kidnapped and her boyfriend is desperately trying to find her even if it seems like there is no hope. Will he achieve his plan and make his goal real, or is he going to leave the love of his life forgotten?


This story starts with Roja, who is a pretty and calm girl from the village. Her sister is going to marry Rishikumar soon, and Roja is praying that everything will be smooth. But there is something her sister is hiding from her and her family. She is in love with her cousin. When Rashikumur came to talk to her, she pleased him to get rejected in the ceremony so she can break free. He agreed and surprised everyone when he proposed Roja. She does not want that marriage because she is not aware of her sister’s affair, and she thinks that the two are the best match for each other. But in the end, Will she marry him and what will happen?

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