Breaking Language Barriers with Video Translation

In this era of the internet, video content is widely used by people to do marketing. Video content is used in two areas- entertainment and business marketing.  Whether you are using video content to entertain your audience or to market your business, the core aim is getting as many viewers as possible. In video content, there is nothing as good as a video that breaks the language barriers. Such a video will not only attract traffic but also improve the retention rate. Many people are now turning to Video translation services because they have learned the benefit that comes with translating and subtitling the videos.  You cannot compare a video that has only been done in English only to a video that has been done in various languages. At the end of the day, the video that has been translated will attract many viewers compared to the one without subtitles and captions.

There is a notion that people have held for a long time that only English speaking nations matter in business.  This is the worst assumption you can make when using video to market your content. Research shows that videos that have been translated in various languages have more viewers and stay duration than the ones which have not been translated.

Video translation services

Also, it has been documented that if you do not translate your videos you risk losing over 60% viewers because many people are using online platforms such as YouTube and they do not understand English. For instance, most Chinese people do not understand English but they are excellent in conducting business. If we assume that Only English speaking people matter in business, we get it wrong and it’s high time we all embraced Video translation services and have our video content translated to accommodate various languages spoken around the world.

You might have fears of submitting your video content to translators because maybe you fear that your content might be compromised or maybe you might not get an accurate translation. Oh! If these are your fears, then you have no reason to worry because translation is done under high privacy and the rate of accuracy is 100%. You upload your work to the translating agency website, make payment online and your work is sent to your email. Just in case you are not satisfied with the final product, you could ask for a partial refund but it is a very rare case to find a client asking for refunds because translation is done by professionals who value the efforts of every client. While your video is being translated you are free to as for progress and get feedback immediately. The final translated work is provided in word document so that you can compare the subtitles and the work given. What are you waiting for?

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