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How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your Hair?

Based on the various surveys and statistical studies, more than 50% of all people that fail the drug tests are due to cannabis consumption. Therefore, we can easily say that weed is the most frequent drug in the world that people consume and the main reason for failing the tests.

In the world in which governments are starting to decriminalize and legalize weed for both medicinal and recreational purposes, it is highly ironic, especially due to an idea that it is not considered as a deadly illegal drug.

So before checking out Weed News for drug detox shampoo, you should know how long does weed stay in your body. If you need to face a hair drug test in the next few days, it is vital to know the chemical processes that happen in body after you consume cannabis.

When it comes to hair analysis, this may be problematic because it can easily detect the previous consumption far back to a year beforehand.

Detection Times For WeedHair Drug Test

Detection time depends on numerous factors, and the first one includes the type of test that you have to pass as well as the sensitivity of process, equipment, and laboratory. Other factors may also affect the window of detection such as:

  • Last time you consumed it
  • The frequency of usage
  • The potency of the strain
  • The metabolic rate
  • The digestive system

Therefore, if you are one-time user, you will need approximately five to eight days to cleanse yourself thoroughly from THC. On the other hand, daily users may require roughly a few months based on the severity of smoking as well as type of test that you have to pass.

Of course, we are talking about weed compounds that will remain in the bloodstream. Therefore, as soon as you smoke a joint, your THC levels in the blood will spike and drop below the threshold of typical drug test.

On the other hand, in case you eat something with THC, the content inside the bloodstream will be higher and will remain inside longer than with smoking. The main reason why hair drug test is famous is due to its ability to detect long-term drug abuse.

Therefore, when you consume weed, you will have seven to ten days until the byproducts become part of your hair. The labs will use mass spectroscopy to detect the presence of THC byproduct or THC-COOH.

If you arean infrequent or one-time user, it is less likely that you will fail the test, but it may happen. According to various studies, 85% of daily users tested positive for THC, but only 50% of occasional smokers.

Learn more about the main weed metabolite by checking here.

How Does Weed Enter Your Hair?

When you consume cannabis through vaping, smoking or eating, you are releasing the active compound inside your bloodstream. As soon as THC enters your veins, it will ride the blood to the cannabinoid receptors.

Of course, some of them will enter blood vessels, which is vital for feeding the scalp and hair follicles. Therefore, at the interface between the follicle cells and vessel, THC will enter the matrix and become the part of new hair when it starts to grow.

As the hair grows, it will carry THC metabolites pas the scalp, and you will have to wait for a long time to cleanse it thoroughly.

How Long Does It Stay In Hair?

According to regulations and laws, laboratories will take only 1.5 inches of hair specimen, which will help them determine the presence of drugs that you consumed in the last three months or ninety days.

The period is based on how much time you need for your hair to grow past the scalp, and the period based on average calculation, which means that individual factors may slow down or speed up the process.

You will need approximately ten days from the last consumption for THC compounds to push out past the scalp and become the newly grown hair.

How Does Hair Analysis Detect THC Compounds?

Hair Drug Test

When the administrator collects your hair, they will send it to the lab in which the specimen will undergo two testing processes that will determine the presence and amount of substances you consumed.

First, they will wash the sample to remove external dirt and contaminants and place it in solution that will break it down into components that include keratin and other compounds as well.

The first test is known as ELISA screen, and it involves a procedure that will use the specific amount of antibodies that you can link to a molecule of choice, in this particular situation, THC.

If the test is positive, they will take another sample and put it through the GC/MS screening, which will present you with more accurate information about types and levels of drugs within the sample.

Visit this link: and you will understand everything about ELISA test.

Is There A Possibility For Testing Errors?

When it comes to testing hair for weed, you should consider numerous variables that will affect the overall results. One of the most significant controversies is the idea that you consume cannabis outside the work, and you will still get penalties after failing the test.

Apart from the moralistic approach, false positives can also happen, and that depends on various individual factors. For instance, melanin content of your hair, which is responsible for hair color, can also affect the sensitivity of screening.

Therefore, you should know that dark-colored hair is more sensitive to test, and some concerns are entering the public when it comes to gray hair that may lead to false positive.

At the same time, hair tends to grow ata different rate, which means that 1.5 inches may include more or less than 90 days based on the individual.

Remember that second-hand smoke cannot cause false-positive result because the smoke features active compound and the process of screening requires washing hair externally to remove contamination, which will cleanse it from particles that entered inside due to second-hand smoking.

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