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Compelling Reasons To Buy Brand New When Looking For A Home

More and more would-be homeowners are preferring brand new homes over existing ones. The market for used homes while still being a lucrative deal is on a downward trend. While owning a home is definitely a source of pride and achievement, whether or not brand new, there are definitely major advantages over a used one when considering a brand new home. Continue reading below for the most compelling reasons why people are choosing a new home over a resale.

Ultimately Safer

     Perhaps one of the biggest factors buyers are considering is that newer homes are safer, in terms of earthquakes, fire, and storms because technologies that have been developed over the course of the history of natural disasters and calamities would be applied in these new homes. Lighter and yet stronger materials would help against typhoons and earthquakes. New fire retardant materials would be embedded in carpetings and panelings. Improved and more modern wiring would also be key in preventing fires caused by faulty electrical wiring. Smoke detectors would be hardwired into the homes and would actually run from homes electrical supply instead of relying on battery power, which might cause problems when they run out unnoticed. This is not optional, but all new homes are required to be built this way to stand up to code. 

Looking For A Home

Less Carbon Footprint

     Again this is because of the previous lessons builders learned in construction over the past decades.  Among the, they use more advanced materials to ensure the tightest seals around the entire house, making it super efficient in making sure cool air stays inside the house and in the same manner warm air stays inside during the winter months. This tight seal comes from higher efficiency insulating materials that provide better sealing. New homes also use double, triple and even quadruple paned windows, which is a long way from single paned windows of yesterday, which again contributes to keeping temperatures where they should be at. This causes less strain on the air conditioning units. New homes also have the advantage of greener and more efficient operation and most are equipped with inverter technology. All this will translate into tremendous savings in power bills and in the larger equation, reducing the carbon footprint of the house. 

Reflects YOUR Personality

     Buying a used home is actually like buying another person’s personal preferences and to truly make it your own, extensive renovations should be done. Customization is key when building a new home and you can tell the builder exactly what you want to be done. Having your own living space tailored to what you want is an extremely appealing option for new homeowners. The way it works is that there is a lot of flexibility to really personalize a home as opposed to virtually none when it comes to a resale home.

Better Financing

       If none of the above is attractive, then the financing options that are available to new homeowners today are. Most of these financing deals are routed through the builder, which has more leeway in terms of giving out discounts than any reseller would. Larger builders will most probably have their own mortgage companies that can more or less work around whatever hurdles you may be having as a buyer.

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