Customizing Motorcycle: Affordable Ways to Do It

If you want to ride stylishly and stand out, it is time that you invest in custom honda motorcycles & accessories in malaysia. What’s best, it can empower the motorcycle to perform well. In the end, custom-designed motorcycles will make your ride more comfortable.

If you want inspiration or idea, you can start looking through any custom motorcycle magazine or website. While some modifications are labor-intensive and expensive, there are plenty of custom works that can be done without breaking your bank. Your goal here is customizing on a budget.

Here’s customizing affordably:

ECU (Engine Control Unit) remapping

Essentially, ECU ensures that the engine is performing optimally. In custom work, there is something called ECU remapping, which seeks to increase the power and economy of a motorcycle without making any mechanical modifications.

With ECU mapping, it is possible to adjust the settings. Many do not consider this modification because they think it is expensive. You must know that while ECU remap is an effective modification, it is not overly expensive.

Custom number plates

The most affordable way to show your personality is through custom number plates. There are many custom number plate makers online or offline. A good one should offer a wide selection of borders, fonts, backgrounds, and badges. There are others that allow you to upload your own badge design, which can show your affiliation with organizations.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge) bulbs

To improve your road visibility, you should think about swapping stock Halogen headlight bulbs for HID, which is also known as Xenon lights. These lights produce intense bright light that will surely make your motorcycle noticeable at night.

Grips and brake handle

Sometimes the smallest touches or details in the motorcycle can have the most impact. This is true especially for grips, brakes and other aftermarket parts like clutch levers. These can come in different styles and colors that can definitely match your look and style.

Customizing Motorcycle

Vinyl wraps

Getting a fresh coat of paint can greatly improve your motorcycle’s overall look. A slick custom paint job can help your motorcycle stand out but it can get expensive. The affordable alternative is a vinyl wrap. Vinyl wraps come in a huge variety of glossy and matte colors and finishes.

Wheel lights

If you want to add more style to your motorcycle, you should consider wheel lights. If you have a sports bike, the wheel lights will make you stand out. There are a variety of color options and effects you can consider. However, you have to first check legal restrictions.

Custom Decals

Custom decal is somewhat similar to vinyl wrapping. Decals can add interesting touches to your motorcycle. With this, you can show your character and personality – at an affordable price.


Tinting your windscreen is also an excellent way to customize your motorcycle. It is also practical as it can reduce the glare from the sun. You can consider it since there are many colors available at a low cost.

Final words

There are many options that sometimes you get confused. With this, it is important that you first assess your style, preference, and needs before you consider custom motorcycle.  It is also important that you get the right professional for quality work. This is to ensure that every penny counts.

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