Everything you need to know about your windshield’s chips or cracks

If you are having problems with your windshield’s integrity, the best way to prevent it from getting worse is not to handle it by yourself, but rather consult it to an auto glass expert who can either repair it or replace it,

It is very important to note that an auto glass expert cannot successfully perform a windshield crack or chip repair which has previously been repaired or attempted to be repaired because once a repair has been completed to it, the resin injected into the damaged area has already cured or has hardened already which prevents other attempts to be made.

This may be some of the cases of some used cars, however, it could be that the windshield chip was never been repaired while the car was still being displayed at the dealership and thus the chip is still vulnerable from spreading to a bigger space. If you are not certain of the damage of your car’s windshield, you should let that inspected.

Having it inspected will show you the maximum size of the chip which can be repaired, if you are with your vehicle when the projectile or hard object hits against your windshield, and then you should have determined the extent of the damage and it is very likely to see the chip or the crack. If it is a fresh crack, you should be able to see some black and grey areas to the break or the surface of the impact that will confirm that there is indeed a separated glass and would qualify for repair or replacement depending on the severity of the damage.

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You can determine the extent of the damage by placing a white sheet of paper behind the damaged area of your windshield on the inside of your car to highlight the damage if it can be repaired or needs auto glass repair.

Auto glass experts can repair two types of windshield damage, the chips and the single long cracks, other than that, it needs to be replaced especially when the cracks are branching out in different directions.

When it comes to windshield chips, it can be repaired if it has a nick with a short crack behind it since this type of damage can be repaired easily. You can determine windshield chips that can be repaired by again placing another piece of a white sheet of paper or even a paper towel on the inside of the windshield which is directed behind the nick so that you can see how deep and how wide the chips or the cracks are.

If you are driving a used car, you can tell the old repair of the windshield if the resin has been injected into a chip or a crack and cured that has become permanent while the resin blocks the ability to repair the new chip or crack that has been developing.

Windshield chip repair is very technical considering that chips can be as small as dots and the cracks can be as thin as hairlines which is a very crucial way to prevent these damages from getting bigger and save the windshield from getting totaled.

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