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If you are a beginner and have trouble learning your first song, then this article is for you. To learn a complete piece on the guitar

Be relaxed and stop worrying, everyone galley at first!

Doubt about your abilities is the biggest obstacle you will encounter in your guitar quest. To reassure you, imagine that learning a piece is like taking your car and accelerating to 100 km / h. If during this acceleration, you stall, it will take you longer to reach 100 km / h than if you had accelerated continuously.

Doubting and worrying about your abilities is like stalling your propensity to learn, do and progress. So if you’re worried about whether you’re going to sound bad when you play, or what people are going to think of you, then move on. With the omaha guitar lessons the deals are important.

Guitar Lessons

Accept that you will sometimes crash

We learn by making mistakes. As the guitar is an instrument for which muscle memory plays a big role, before your body learns to do something properly, it must first learn all the ways to fail.

  • You will invariably make mistakes during the learning process of a song. But do not worry it’s part of the process. Having spent a lot of time during my teenage years learning quite complex songs, I had to accept that I had to pitch ten, twenty, thirty times to get a riff or a solo and I quickly accepted that it’s a badly needed to succeed what I undertook.
  • To succeed, you will have to accept that making mistakes does not mean anything about your abilities as a guitarist, it just means that you still have work. 3. Be patient and leave time alone It is easy to overestimate what we can accomplish in the short term, and to underestimate what we can accomplish in the long run.

So give yourself some time and allocate yourself a lot of time each day that you spend on learning the piece you are working on. Personally we will advise you to work 30 minutes a day for a month on a piece. Since it is recommended to play at least 1h / 1h30 a day 5 days a week to make rapid progress, it will allow you the time in parallel to work several pieces at a time not to weary you or to work your technique.Understand the structure of the piece you are learning.Music to a structure, and the piece you are learning to different components.

For example:

Intro => Verse => Chorus => Bridge => Solo => Chorus => Chorus => Outro

If you think the piece in terms of note to note, or even riff by riff, you will give yourself a huge amount of information to memorize.

It’s better to think a piece in terms of sections. Take a paper and pencil and write down the sections. Then memorize the structure while using you to note the redundancies within the song. Indeed if a pattern appears in several parts of the piece, it will do you less work once you’ve learned. You just have to remember when to play it.

Understand the riffs contained in each piece of the song

In general each structural element -couplet, chorus etc. – includes a riff, which is repeated a number of times.

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