Four Perfect Tips to Get Perfect Feet

When walking a lot, especially with sandals in summer, the horns on the feet appear after only a few days. In addition to being unsightly, they harden and deepen gradually at the risk of becoming painful or bleeding if nothing is done. Follow our advice to find soft and neat feet, and consult Ohio podiatry in case of any issue!

Why Do We Develop Horns On Our Feet?

Horns result from the defense mechanism of the skin which retracts and thickens when it is overstretched (friction of the tissues against a hard surface). The risks of developing them are higher in summer because of the direct friction of the soles of the feet on sandals or parquet. On the other hand, the heat and the drought favor even more the dehydration of the feet, which are deprived of pilosebaceous glands (producers of sebum) and thus by definition, dry very easily.

A 4-Step Home Treatment to Soften the Feet

In the evening before bed, give yourself an hour of well-being with the following ritual.

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Step 1: a Relaxing Bath

Dip your feet for a good half hour in a bath rich in moisturizing and emollient active ingredients. You have the choice between a cider vinegar bath (500 ml for a water basin of about 5 liters) with a little glycerin (10 ml) or a bath with baking soda (2 tablespoons) enriched with moisturizing cream and scented with lavender essential oil for a spa atmosphere. Then, dry your feet with a towel, but without rubbing to prevent the dead skin from hardening again.

Step 2: Soft Sanding

Use a pumice stone or horsehair glove to remove excess softened skin. Take care to remove as many horns as possible, but do not overdo it, because the heel skin must remain thick enough to fulfill its support function. This step prepares the skin of the feet to receive moisturizing and repairing treatments.

Step 3: a Gourmet Scrub

The skin is slightly rough after sanding. Use an exfoliating gel for feet or prepare your own homemade scrub to soften it: mix 1 tablespoon of salt or sugar, 50 g of corn flour, a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Add a little water until you have a good consistency and massage your feet with the paste obtained, then rinse and dry well.

Step 4: Massage with Vegetable Oils

The ritual continues with a massage oil repair: you have the choice between Shea butter, argan oil, sesame oil or olive oil that all have moisturizing and regenerative properties. Massage your feet for 3 to 5 minutes with a good focus on the horny areas. This care is to be performed daily, especially in summer when you do not wear closed shoes.

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