Freelance Work: still a Good Idea in 2019?

As a professional, do you spend most of your days at the office counting down the hours that separate you from Friday? Do you feel that your life is only summed up at this infernal rhythm of “subway, eat, sleep”? Do you want to feel freer? Becoming a freelancer is probably the best solution. Before taking the plunge, here are all the information you need to know first.

The Advantages of Being a Freelancer:

Yes, a freelance work has more advantages compared with a “traditional” job. First of all, you choose your own schedules. Unless you have a customer who asks you to work at a fixed time, you usually have free schedules. Do you want to work in the middle of the night? Do you want to go out and have a drink at 3 pm? Don’t you want to work on Monday? That’s all fine as long as you finish your missions on time. Everything is allowed!Very often, this is the main advantage that make many people choose to be a freelancer.

Freelancer Work

The other advantage is that you can work wherever you want. Some clients may ask you to work directly in their office during the time you have to accomplish their project. But most of the time, you will be free to choose your workplace. You can even set up your own office at home. If that is the case, make sure the environment provides you with calm. Thus, you are advised to install a foam underlay for laminate flooring on concrete if needed. It will deaden the noises. The door and the windows should also be soundproof so that you can work in peace. And anytime you want some changes, you goon a co working space or go on a vacation and still carry out your professional missions.

Moreover, you choose your customers. No more bosses to force you to work on something that does not interest you or with a client that you do not really appreciate.You become your own boss!If you want to avoid the routine, you can work on different projects and gain experience in several areas at the same time. Plus, your wage is not capped. Depending on the clients and the projects, you can end up earning far more money than with a salaried job.

The Disadvantages of Freelance Works:

Because of the free schedules, you may have trouble separating work time and free time. The hugest challenge is to find the right balance between the two. You will see, there are lots of things that can distract you from work. Besides, you will have to manage everything: your accounts, your bills, etc. And some clients can be very distressing, highly demanding or a bad payers.


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