House Cleaning 101: Secret of Cleaning Services that you can use in your own Home

Most modern homeowners consider house cleaning as a skill, they take pride in cleaning their house. A gleaming and spotless house always brings positive energy and a welcoming vibe for visitors. While homeowner develops their skill in house cleaning, some of the trade secrets with each other. While this kind of way is a good idea to share knowledge, it might also be best to take a few tips and tricks from professional house cleaners themselves.

Here are the top secrets cleaning services have:

Keep your tools where you intend to use them – If you have cleaning products kept under the sink, make sure to include rags as well. You cannot do much of the cleaning product without the rags to finish the job. This will save you some time

Be efficient with your product – Having different products for every item in every room is not a good idea. This will not have an efficient cleaning process, in the long run, use simple products like three main products to remove dirt and grease from almost every surface.

Stock up on rubber gloves and microfiber cloths – Microfiber cloths are multi-purpose products that you can use in cleaning, it can handle the majority of tasks from kitchen and bath to dusting. Rubber gloves also help you navigate through your sticky cleaning task uninhibited and safe.

Listen to music – This is the best-kept secret out there. Besides the fact that it is fun, it can also be a productive way of cleaning. Listen on something that makes you want to move, something that gets your pulse racing and your adrenaline rushing. Listen to anything you want as long as it’s loud to hear above the vacuum.

Clean only when it is super light – Your cleaning schedule should be finished by 3 p.m. Cleaning beyond that time will no longer be productive, lights start to fade and you don’t see the dirt with the same clarity as you did at 10 a.m. So open all the windows, blinds and light to make your cleaning efficient.

Don’t get stuck with picking up clutter – Make sure that you spend a day getting your clutter under control and then work around it. Start by picking up light piles of mail, magazines and wipe them all around. Plan a separate time to handle your clutter and devise a practice of keeping it under control

Follow a cleaning strategy – It is important to develop a cleaning path and stick to it. Be sure to experiment also in other paths that are effective. You can clean from top to bottom or back of the room to front.

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