How Does An EV Cable Work?

Today, a number of electric vehicles are making use of EV charging cable. The main concept of this cable is that it is an element in the entire infrastructure that helps in supplying electric energy to recharge the plug-in electric vehicles. Many of us must have heard about EV cable. However, very less number of people knows how it works.

If you want to know about the functioning and concept of different types of ev cables then have a close look at these below-mentioned points.

  • Plugin Hybrid and electric vehicles are equipped with the inbuilt charger that is used for charging the electric vehicles through the mains supply. In some vehicles, there would not be inbuilt charger so there will be a requirement of the additional charging cable. This will allow the vehicle owner to charge the cars away from the home.
  • In the plug-in vehicle, there will be one of two types of the socket. One is a type 1 and the other one is the type 2 AC socket. Before starting the EV charging process, you need to ensure that the charging cable is having an equivalent connector. The main purpose of the charging cable is to enable you to charge from public charging points, workplace chargers and unattached home chargers.
  • Type 1 cables come with a plug that prevents it from loosening or falling down. But, Type 2 cables do not have the plug in it.
  • Some vehicles support Type 2 plug that is designed with a locking pin. This pin helps in locating and securing the plug in place. With this, car owners are able to unplug the ev charging cable from the car end itself. The vehicles that are compatible with Type 1 plug do not come with a lock pin. In such vehicles, the car owners will have to unplug the cable from the car.
  • Apart from Type 1 and Type 2, there is the availability of another charger which is known as “Rapid chargers”. These chargers are designed with “tethered” cables which mean there is no need of any sort of additional cable.
  • The selection of cable is completely dependent on the strength of the inbuilt charger and the model of the car. Thus, you must consider the vehicle’s model and charger’s strength, whenever looking for the EV charging cables.

The time taken for recharging the electric car depends on the capacity of the charging points. How many kilowatts the charging station is able to provide you? How many kilowatts your vehicle can accept? These two factors are important when it comes to charging the vehicle through EV charging cable from the charging points.

Make sure that you are buying from the reputed platform. Hope the above-mentioned information would be helpful to you.

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