How to Make Sure Your HVAC System Doesn’t Breakdown

Technology can be a wonderful thing. We now have devices that practically don’t need any human assistance for them to work. There are lights that immediately turn on as soon as you enter the room, and there are also programmable thermostats that’ll help us to set it once and just forget about it. However, even though these devices are automatic, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need any kind of maintenance procedures.

In that regard, don’t forget to do routine maintenance on your HVAC system. In fact, don’t even remove that thought from your mind. Many modern homes have automatic HVAC units that household members might forget to check the equipment from time-to-time. As a result, it can bring about unwanted damages, and even a short lifespan of the system. To prevent such a tragedy from taking place, here are some tips to keep your HVAC system from breaking down.

Monthly HVAC System Maintenance Procedures

When doing your monthly maintenance routine on your home’s HVAC unit, start by checking the programmable thermostat for the right settings. Ensure it’s set to conserve energy whenever you’re not at home. The use of a programmable thermostat will allow the unit to reduce temperature levels whenever you or other household members are not at home. Aside from the programmable thermostat, you should also check the condition of the unit’s filters. Clogged HVAC filters are the bane of any home or office because it wastes energy because of a restricted air flow. Furthermore, damaged filters will open the doors to your home (so to speak) to allergens, dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and other particulates. As a result, it’ll create a dusty and unhealthy environment for everyone in the immediate vicinity.

Seasonal HVAC System Maintenance Procedures

Ah, spring – the time for flowers to bloom once more, and it’s also the right time to inspect or change your HVAC system’s filter. Aside from changing the filter, you should also adjust the thermostat for the unit to give out cooler temperatures. Next, check the AC refrigerant lines for any signs of damage or leaks. But when fall comes into view, you should activate your humidifier. Also, you should clean and cover the outdoor condensing unit since you won’t use the AC during the winter season.

Annual HVAC System Maintenance Procedures

Once per year, have a professional HVAC technician check and maintain the entirety of the system. After all, there’s only so much you can do if you’re not an expert in the industry. Still, there are things that you can do even if you’re not a seasoned HVAC technician. For instance, you can clean the coils found in your outdoor condenser. When you keep the coils clean, you’ll assist in maintaining optimum efficiency for the unit, thereby ultimately lower overall energy consumption.

Regular HVAC Maintenance Tips

Aside from monthly, seasonal, and annual checkups on your HVAC unit, you can do weekly maintenance on the system that won’t take up too much of your precious time. For instance, you can make sure that there is no debris like twigs and leaves around the outdoor condensing unit. If there is debris, then proceed to clean them immediately. There are times when HVAC systems will create negative pressure that’ll attract debris like a vacuum. If it does, then you’re going to look at damages and hindrances to your unit’s proper operation.

During your routine maintenance sessions in checking the efficiency of your HVAC unit, you might come across some damaged parts or some components that may need replacement. If so, then it should be in your best interest to check out a reliable hvac store chicago for your HVAC parts needs.


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