As soon as you have created your online course landing page, you must gear up to launch your online course platform.

In this article, I’ll give you a step by step guide on “How to market & sell online courses”.

Without Marketing, no business can thrive & scale-up. In order to launch a successful online course business, you need a well planned out marketing strategy at the place. Essentially, it helps to attract potential customers. Marketing would help you increase your academy’s visibility, gaining more visitors and potential clients.

The kind of money you are going to make from your course depends hugely on your marketing & sales efforts. A standard sales funnel takes prospective learners through the given steps:

Step 1 – Awareness

It’s when your potential learners become aware of the existence of your course. Here you have to focus on gaining the attention that you deserve!

Step 2 – Interest: When you attract your learners, they become aware of you & try to look more into the offering.

Step 3 – Decision: At this stage, your potential learners are contemplating on buying your course. Hence, a sales page is crucial at this stage.

Step 4 – Action: They have made their decision & now taking the action to buy. Hence, they look at your website & the credibility it has.

In order to create yours, you need to understand the structure of the sales funnel. A sales funnel starts from awareness & goes all the way till they convert into paid learners.

In order to market & sell online courses, you need to bring traffic to your sales funnel. My top 5 ways to bring traffic are as follows:

  1. Search engines’ organic traffic.
  2. Ads generated paid traffic.
  3. Social Media Traffic
  4. Email marketing
  5. Referral traffic coming from multiple websites where you have created the backlinks.

Top ways to market & sell online courses by bringing traffic to your sales funnel.

Leverage your network

The first step towards generating traffic is to gather the data of people in your network & talk about your course. That way you can have people interested in your course or people who can talk about it to their network. Either way, it’s a great place to start.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic comes in when the search engine ranks top results on the page for a specific keyword. If you want to get more people into your sales funnel, you can’t leave out organic. It’s a long haul but its worth it. You can either begin with your blog or your YouTube channel. Depending upon your investment, budget & your audience decide on a platform you should first begin with.

Organic traffic or SEO is a long term strategy. It takes dedicated efforts of months to start reaping its benefits. Create great content & use them in your funnel.

Meanwhile, if you have allocated budget for ads, you can run online paid campaigns for brand awareness & lead generation. Include prospects in your sales funnel through Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads etc

Manage your own media for traffic

Gradually start optimising & building your social media pages. Ideal platforms for any course business are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & so on. There are forums like Quora & Reddit where you can easily communicate with your prospects. This is called social media traffic.

Every now & then keep giving away some content in exchange for their emails. Your primary goal should be to build trust between you and prospects by creating an email sequence. In your email sequence, you will address the little problems faced by your learners & then eventually pitch your course.

The webinar is on high these days. Hence, you can create your webinar & follow a similar format.

Prepare your offers

Some marketing tactics work wonders in bringing in potential learners. It’s more of a psychological thing. In order to implement these techniques in your sales you can:

  • Use coupons
  • Give discounts
  • Sell course bundles
  • Give seasonal offers.

With coupons, you can share a range of discounts and special offers at different percentages and prices. These you can send to your email lists, submit them at different websites for offers/discounts, or share them on your social media pages/profiles or groups.

Through your online course platform, you can put a time-limit your coupons while creating multiple ones with the same offer.

Discounts would help you with the following:

  • Increasing your short term sales.
  • Upselling to your loyal customers.
  • Promotion of new courses.

Create effective Call-to-Action:

The call-to-action section is worth all the money because it helps sales funnel starts to start the real work. CTA deserves more attention than we usually give. In order to have a perfect call-to-action, do the following:

  • Identify your target customers. (The comprehensive the better)
  • Use their language to talk to them
  • Target their needs and wants. If they don’t know it exists, talk about the problem first.

CTAs are important because it’s designed for users to take some action. Its all about conveying your message so that it encourages them to take the next step.

Example: Clicking on the “BUY NOW”  button is called Call to Action (CTA).

Powerful CTA words to include:

  • Join
  • Buy
  • Get
  • Try
  • Now
  • Free

Lead Magnets

Naturally, not all customers would immediately buy your product upon visiting your course sales page. That’s when the sales funnel comes to rescue. You nurture the people who have buyer intent but are yet to purchase it from you. Lead magnets come on the top of this funnel. You give them content for educational purposes absolutely free in exchange for their email address. Most commonly used lead magnets are as follows:

  • Free mini-courses
  • Ebooks
  • PDF downloads
  • Checklists & Guides
  • White-papers

The lead magnet has to be extremely valuable, otherwise, your prospects will have a hard time converting. It must demonstrate your expertise on your domain at the same time. A lead magnet has to be well researched, snackable, quickly digestible piece of useful information. It is the first step towards your sales funnel, as it will help you in building your email list.

Final Words

A sales funnel is a multi-step process that turns visitors of your site. You can create a mini online course through Spayee & use it as a lead magnet. Later you can begin to pitch to buyers.

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