Important Differences between Dyson V8 and V10

A vacuum cleaner is an essential item for the home considering its function. However, it can be very difficult to make your choice among the many brands of vacuum cleaners available today. Many of the brands promise to be great, but they rarely meet up with their promises. If you need a vacuum cleaner that will serve the intended purpose for many years to come, you should only consider Dyson vacuum cleaners. They come in different types and have different functions. In this write-up we will focus on two of the most popular types of Dyson vacuum cleaners, which are Dyson V8 and V10. The two are great but different in certain aspects. We will consider those aspects in this Dyson v8 vs v10 review.

Cost of maintenance

Dyson V8 can cost more money when it comes to maintenance unlike Dyson 10.  This should not be surprising considering the fact that it is less advanced than V10.  Studies also show that Dyson V8 is more susceptible to breakdowns than V10. Therefore, it will require more money for repairs. You can use Dyson V10 for an entire year without recording a single damage or breakdown if well maintained.  Studies show that you can spend up to $32 on Dyson V8 maintenance each year.  This is a very important point you must not leave out when considering which one to buy between Dyson v8 vs v10.

Dyson v8 vs v10

Battery life

Dyson V10 and V8 are fitted with different types of battery cells and this means their power delivery will differ.  Dyson V8 makes use of the lithium Ion batteries and the battery can last for as long as 40 minutes before requiring another charging.  On the other hand, Dyson V10 is fitted with cobalt nickel aluminum batteries and the batteries can deliver power to the vacuum cleaner for up to 60 minutes; this makes Dyson V10 to be a better choice than V8 in terms of how long each of them can last.

Noise management

V10 may be a more advanced version compared to V8, but Dyson V8 makes less noise than Dyson V10.  If you do not like it when a vacuum cleaner makes noise, then you can go for the quieter Dyson V8 if you do not mind some little noise from a vacuum cleaner, Dyson V10 will, therefore, not be a bad choice.

Some similarities to consider

The battery in Dyson V8 will require up to 5 hours to charge, while Dyson V110 will require only 3.5 hours to charge. Both of them, however, come with multiple power modes and equally feature one-click bin emptying. Furthermore, the two of them come with docking station and 2-tier radial cyclones      whatever the case may be, you will get good value for money on any of the two.

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