Insider Tips for that Perfect Balayage

The 1970s are known for many things but for hair-aficionados, this decade was known for balayage highlights and this year, it made a comeback. Balayage refers to a freehand highlighting technique, which originated in France. Ultimately, the goal of balayage is to leave a natural looking and sun-kissed hair.

If you are new to balayage, this subtle highlighting technique will look good on you. What’s more, it works on any hair color. Many love balayage because it is basically low maintenance. However, before hitting the hair salon, bleaching is required.

If you want to ace your balayage highlights, there are some tips from professionals that you should consider. Here are some tips:

Consult properly

Hair experts recommend that you consult properly – as much as possible with inspiration pictures.  The pictures will allow the colorists to determine what you really want. Make sure though that the colorist specialises in balayage technique.

Put in mind that a proper hair consultation can mean the difference between a paid visit and a potential re-do. With this, it is important that you leave this highlighting task to the experts. In the end, they can help you create the custom look that flatters you.

Pick the right product

If you go to a hair salon, they will give you options – you just need to choose the right one for the best results. Experts recommend that you choose clay-based products. Aside from that, the product should form a shell to avoid a transfer.

Learn how to strengthen your hair

As mentioned earlier, you need to bleach your hair to get the best balayage highlights result. With this, it is important that you protect your hair health. If your hair is damaged or weak, you should endeavor to use hair growth supplements.

The good news is that there are many hair supplements in the market but you should pick something with nutrients that can help the hair follicles. Do not fret because it is still possible to make the hair strong and healthy.

Be careful when washing your hair

Balayage highlights can potentially dry out hair so it is not advisable to wash it too often especially with a harsh shampoo. When washing the hair, make sure that you are using a gentle shampoo designed to cleanse without stripping the nutrients. Experts recommend washing of hair at least three times every week.

Learn how to protect your color

There are external factors that can affect your gorgeous highlights. You should start by avoiding the use of heat tools because it can turn the highlights brassy and can cause more hair damage. If you have blonde highlights, you need to avoid chlorine because it can give a green tint.

Bottom Line

You need to accept at the onset that balayage may take several applications as well as visits to get the desired result but once it is settled, you do not have to worry about visiting the salon regularly for touch-ups of regrowth line.  You just have to be patient and do whatever you can for your highlights.

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