Learn Everything Related to Liquor Licensing

In order to sell liquor to the public, one needs to possess a license. There are four kinds of licenses as follows:

  • On-license (tavern, pub, restaurant, hotel, bar, train, entertainment venue, plane) allows the supply or sale of alcohol for use on the premises.
  • Off-license (supermarket, bottle store) allows supply or sale of alcohol for off the premise consumption.
  • Club license (sports club, working men’s club) allows the supply or sale of alcohol for club premises consumption to the members and guests of the clubs
  • Special license (for weddings, wine and food festivals) allows the supply or sale of alcohol to a person for attending a private function, an event, sporting event, or a street party. Special licenses may be on-site consumption or off-site consumption.

A club license, off-license, or on-license is granted primarily for a year. It can be renewed every three years. Special licenses are given for events. Broward Country Liquor License allows the licensee to sell alcohol as per the license’s condition. Conditions cover the things including who you can sell alcohol to, who will be allowed inside the premises, the days and hours it can be sold, the range of non-alcohol, food, and low-alcohol drinks that can be sold.

Getting a liquor license

The cost of a liquor license differs from one state to another. Some are expensive, and some are cheap. The cheapest states are the ones that have a non-quota on the liquor license. You can also obtain a license through a website that will add up the cost to obtain a liquor license. If you want to open a bar or restaurant, it would greatly benefit you to have a liquor license. Liquor sales are the greatest profit margins that range between 75-85%. Before you begin planning your liquor business, you must adhere to the regulations that include licensing for running a business in a legal manner.

Although the procedure to acquire a liquor license differs by state, usually, a general process needs to be followed:

  • Contact the governing agency of the state to decide the type of liquor license you require and its availability.
  • Submit the application together with the other permits or forms needed by your municipality or state. You also need to pay a processing fee.
  • The liquor beverage control Board may take up a few months to review as well as approve your application.
  • When approved, you have to make the payment for your license. The price range varies based on the state you live in.
  • Liquor licenses should be renewed every 1-3 years.

Obstacles to getting a liquor license

The majority of the obstacles related to the obtainment of a liquor license are mainly bureaucratic. Working along with the governing agency of your state, you should decide the type of liquor license you require and its availability as well. The kind of Broward Country Liquor License you require depends on various factors. Firstly, you will have to explain the kind of establishment you operate; the days and timings you would sell liquor and whether or not you would manufacture liquor on your premises.

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