Maximum Protection With Iseries Cloud Backup

Iseries cloud backup is an important element of any reliable computer system. If you do not have a good backup system, you have a chance. Data can be easily deleted as soon as the hard drive fails, and it will be impossible to restore them. However, backup solutions are different, and choosing the right solution can sometimes be difficult if you do not know which criteria are important.


One of the most important elements of any backup solution is durability. The server in the cloud from which you are trying to get your data must be accessible. If this is not available for any reason, your data will be irreparable. Therefore, a large proportion of uptime is vital for any company that values ​​your data and needs quick recovery.

The width of the line

One user rarely has serious bandwidth issues. However, iseries cloud backup for the entire company is a separate story. It is possible that the system will be saturated with permanent backups and duplication of data. Thus, a system that stores only one copy of each file, but divides it among all users, is better than a system that stores separate copies for all.


In the modern era of smartphones and other portable devices, it is important not to restrict access only to full-sized computers. Many employees will find that their work is easier if they can access their files via phone or tablet. The backup solution must take this into account and be compatible with all operating systems on all devices in order to be truly universal. Therefore, look for cross-platform compatibility with any backup system.


Your business data is important, and it’s very important to keep it private. Most importantly, the confidentiality of your employees and customers is at stake. Your business will also suffer if your competitors receive your data. Therefore, advanced encryption and security systems are an important part of any iseries cloud backup system.


Without these functions there should be no backup system. Your employees should have access to the necessary data anywhere, anytime, easily and economically, while they feel safe, knowing that everything they do is hidden from prying eyes. Many popular backup systems have some implementation of these characteristics, but the best are those that make these criteria primary. When choosing a backup system in the cloud, take the time to make sure that it meets your criteria as you and your company deserve.

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