Old Gold Coins Are A Great Investment

When the time for investing your money comes, you can feel so joyful and happy. Not just because you feel rich, but because of the success to make a good job and still be able to make savings. On the other hand, it’s a true disaster if you somehow lose your savings.

That’s why people spend a lot of time thinking about how to invest their money. They do proper research. This is the right way to do it. Investment takes a thorough exploring of your options. If you have in mind investing in gold coins, we can just say that you’re on the right way. Gold is a great investment.

United States Federal Mint produces gold coins every year. These new gold coins are usually more expensive than the old ones. Why you might ask? The answer is in the amount of gold used for minting the coins. For example, one of the most popular US gold coins, the American Buffalo, is made of 99.99% gold. That’s why the price is higher than the other coins.

The old coins made before 1933 usually have a mix of gold and other metals. Even though they are older, they are still less expensive because of this fact. However, it’s still smart to buy old gold coins. Here’s why.

They worth a lot

Yes, the old coins are rarely made of more than 90% pure gold, but that is still a good and quality gold coin. The mixture of gold and historic value still makes them pretty expensive.

A lot of people fall on the trick of unethical sellers who try to convince them that these coins are very rare and that’s why the price is higher. Try not to believe anyone but better ask more professionals about the value of some coin that dates a hundred or more years ago.

Their price never drops

No matter how fine the gold coin is, you should know that gold coins never drop in price. They are always worth at least for the amount you bought it first. This means you can be sure that the investment you make will surely pay off later. You can only profit.

The reason for this is that gold as a precious metal never has big fluctuations in the free market. Nothing affects the price of gold heavily. Unlike standard currencies that will most probably inflate, gold will stay the same during wars, natural disasters or economic earthquakes.

Gold and historic value increase the price of the coin

Since you own a gold coin you know your money is safe. The older your coin is, chances are better that this particular coin is a bigger rarity in the world of numismatics. If it is rare, it will surely be more valuable.

Let’s say you bought a coin 30 years ago. At the time, the value of money was different, but also the approach toward gold coins was different. Since the year 1970 old gold coins’ price went sky high. Chances are big this trend won’t stop.

Sure way to save your money

As we already said, The price of gold is stable and the fluctuations are small. For example, the price of gold in 1980 reached $2.128 for an ounce. Prior to the 9/11 attacks, it was on a long time ultimate low of just 372 dollars, but today it is again on a safe place of around $1.320. See how the gold was priced in the last 100 years on this link.

What you need to know about this is that since the year 2000, gold mines slowed down their production and since then less and less gold is coming out from them. So you can be sure that the price of gold won’t drop.

You can always sell them for a good price

Even if you buy gold coins for a higher price, you can always sell them fast if you need money. For example, if you buy bonds as a way of investment, you can’t sell them until the time of the agreement ends. With gold coins it’s different, even f the price is not the way you want it, you can still sell it for a good price.

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