Points To Know To Send A Parcel To The Pacific Island

Pacific Island is the place where a large number of different Island nations are situated in the Pacific Ocean. The five continents connecting Pacific Island includes South America, North America, Antarctica, Oceania and Asia. Moreover, the terminology is appropriate so as to refer the Pacific Islands in Oceania. There are many places associated with Pacific Island, however, the deal of to send a parcel to the Pacific islands has become very easy. Some of the basic tips for sending a person to the Pacific Island are as follows,

  • The parcel is protected by an inclusive cover on overseas.
  • The item needs to be checked before sending whether it is permitted to import at its destination or not.
  • Make use of signature tracking for the proof of delivery.
  • Utilise Express delivery services so as to send your parcel quickly.

Getting the price or quotes

  • The price quote is the essential element, estimating it beforehand will help you in choosing the service. Before asking for quotes you have to know the following things.
  • The price of the parcel may vary depending on the size and weight of it.
  • In all aspects, it is necessary to take the overall dimensions and measurements of the parcel.
  • It is never suggested to use a too large box and so it is better to pack the items as tightly as possible.
  • Even a single kilogram can also make a huge difference which made have the greater impact on the quote.

Know the packaging specifications

  • To send a parcel to the Pacific islands will surely travel a long distance. You make sure that it is well packed and maintained. Because the package will be most likely handled by the different people as it moves on and on.
  • So the package should be layered so as to provide the protection with your valuable items.
  • Even the items that are not packed properly will need to be given more protection so as to prevent damage.

Restricted items

  • It is quite obvious that there are some items which are considered as hazardous. You should know that there are some restrictions on sending a parcel to the Pacific islands and not all items can be sent.
  • The items like weapons, ivory, alcoholic beverages, batteries and some other items are strictly prohibited.
  • Organic products like bacteria, small sized animals are also restricted.
  • Checking the official guidelines before sending the package will help you to know about the restricted items.

Taxes and other charges

  • The business delivery to the Pacific Island might be subjected to some taxes depending upon the item that you are going to send. There are some sample and gift which can be sent without paying any liable tax.
  • If in case you are dispatching any item, then you make sure whether the parcel is liable for tax or not.
  • There will be some special discounts applicable to business parcels.

Half of your burden will be reduced if you can know the basic knowledge regarding the package that you are going to forward overseas. However, it is necessary to keep a check on what you are sending along with the estimated cost so as to predict about its package services.

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