Possible Signs That Your New Windshield Was Not Properly Installed

Having your windshield replaced is fast, but waiting for the adhesive to cure and harden can take a long time. This is why many car owners dread for this to happen. If they can still drive with their broken windshield, they will. However, this is a common mistake that should not be followed by others. A simple chip or ding can be a crack or a much bigger problem when taken for granted. So if you notice that your windshield is broken, no matter how small it is, have it checked by an auto-glass repairman as soon as possible.

How To Tell That Your Windshield Was Not Installed Properly?

Now that your windshield is replaced, you would want to know if the technician did it right. Remember that if your windshield was not installed properly, it can cause a lot of problems in the future. You might not be an expert in this area, but there are lots at So here are the possible signs that will tell you that your windshield was not installed the right way.

Only One Person Was Installing The Glass

If you ask any auto-glass technician, they would tell you that installing a windshield is a two-person job. There is no room for mistakes which is why two people should be doing it the right way on their first try. If you saw only one technician when you had your windshield replaced, there is a good chance that it was not done the right way.


Installers Didn’t Wear Gloves

This might be a surprise to a lot of people, but it is very important for installers to wear gloves when installing a new windshield glass. This is to make sure that oils are not transferred from their hands to the glass because it is covered in urethane which is needed to make sure that the glass stays in place. If oils are transferred from their hands to the urethane, it can reduce the adhesive strength of the material. It can result in leaks in the future. If you notice that your technicians were not wearing any gloves, have the windshield checked for leaks before you leave the shop.

Water Leaks Through The Windshield

Now that you have finally brought the car home, the windshield replacement is done but you notice that the water leaks through the windshield? Take note of the areas where the glass is in contact with the edges of your windshield. If you see water coming through, this means that it was not installed properly. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

Whistling Noise While At High Speeds

After the windshield is installed, take your car for a ride. Test the windshield and listen for any strange noise while you are at high speeds. Sometimes the noise can barely be heard. But if you hear any rustling or whistling sounds, something is wrong. To make sure, turn off your A/C or radio while at high speeds. If you still hear the noise, you should go back to your technician because there is a huge chance that your windshield was not installed properly.

The windshield has plenty of uses, especially when it comes to the vehicle’s safety features. This is why it is important that you have it installed correctly. You should also know how to determine whether it was done correctly or not.

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