Reasons Why Minneapolis is the Best Place to Start a Business

In a 2018 report released by, Minneapolis is one of the best cities forstart-upsand women entrepreneurs to start a business. In terms of business growth level, Minneapolis ranked third. In a separate report released by Pew Research Center, the results revealed that approximately 16 million Americans are self-employed.

If you’re looking to launch your business, know that business success is not attached to Silicon Valley anymore. To start your endeavor, the first order of business is to scout for an office space for lease Minneapolis.

Why Should You Start a Business in Minneapolis?

In the same report, the results also highlighted that among the top 10 best cities to start a business, Minneapolis bagged the highest start-up growth with a staggering 121.3% increase rate. And in contrast to the city’s cheaper cost of living, most jobs here pay twice as high compared to the average state wage.

If you’re a business owner or an employee, the high pay average and the cheap cost of living expenses can help you maximize your finances and save money for other use.

Minneapolis is Home to Many Big Companies

Another reason why Minneapolis is excellent for businesses, especially for small-sized and start-ups, is the fact that the city has a strong density of multinational companiesthat can foster the smaller ones. Target Corporation, General Mills, 3M, and Best Buy are all in Minneapolis, giving the city a strong corporate climate.

Apart from that, venture capital access is improving with a giant leap to 40% this year. If you’re looking for investors for your start-up in Minneapolis, finding a willing soul who can help you realize your business vision will be as easy as finding an office space for lease, Minneapolis.


Minneapolis has a Well-educated and Well-experienced Workforce

 Minneapolis has around 308,441 educated workforces. The city takes pride in the fact that it is recognized as one of the most literate cities in the United States. Given such, it would be easier to find talented, skilled, and reliable employees to help you run your new business.

Better Quality of Life

When you move to Minneapolis, you won’t only stay there for work. Most probably, you will also have to settle there with your family. If that’s the case, know that the city is considered as one of the most family-friendly, cleanest, friendliest, greenest, fittest, and healthiest cities in the whole world. Bringing your kids and raising them there won’t be a problem.

Minneapolis has the Best Office Spaces For Rent

The wonders Minneapolis can offer didn’t stop with the investors, businesses growth, educated workforce, and being an ideal environment to raise a family. The city also provides many office spaces for lease.

You can check out Office Finder online and key in what kind of space you’re looking for, your space requirement, and your preferred location. After selecting “Continue,” you will be directed to a different page with all the available properties you can choose from.

Good luck with your new venture and may your new office space bring wonders to your business and your life!

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