Send your kids to school with a doctors note to avoid the principle calling

Every parent has experienced that late night fear. You put your little, loved one to bed with no real issue. They were a little fussy, but that’s nothing unusual. You tucked them in, gave them a kiss on the forehead and went to bed yourself. You were just about to drift off when you heard a quiet hack in the background. It was soft at first but it eventually became louder and louder. You were hoping it was just a small rumble through the drywall at first but now you know the truth, your little guy or girl has come down with something and it needs to be addressed.

You run through the multiple scenarios in your head. He or she has daycare and you have work. However, given their current state, there’s no way that they could possibly go. They’re infectious and there’s even a chance that they may get you sick. Luckily, this isn’t your first rodeo. You know your family doctor opens up at 9:30 and dropping in shouldn’t be an issue. The biggest thing you need to get doctor’s note.

It might seem arbitrary, but you have to take your loved one to the doctor’s office regardless of how severe the illness may be. The note is a way to keep their attendance record clean as well as protect their classmates. The reality is that a doctor’s note is absolutely needed.

When your little one comes down with a virus, stomach bug or just a case of the sniffles their illness is not just isolated to them. They are quite literally a walking infection with the ability to make their entire class sick. Unfortunately, many parents will use a fabricated sick day to take their child out of class for a few days. The way to remedy this is by obtaining a doctor’s note. Parents always have an obligation to keep their child safe. A doctor’s note is just one simple way to fulfill that obligation. When a parent takes their potentially sick child to the doctor it not only shows how much they care for them but how much they also care for other students and the teacher. By this point it’s almost a common trope: The humble, hardworking teacher suffers through the winter with a constant case of the sniffles all because one parent wouldn’t take the time to go ahead and get a doctor’s note.

This is the real issue. Most parents know exactly when their child isn’t feeling up to par. Maybe they didn’t finish dinner? Maybe they were lethargic at soccer practice? The truth of the matter is that all parents know exactly when their child is starting to fall under the weather and they know when they need to go to the doctor. It could only take one night of coughing and poor sleep to know the difference. However, as a parent, it’s totally worth it to go and get the doctor’s note. By getting the note and keeping them out of class, even just for a short while, you are potentially keeping the teacher and the rest of the class safe.

Think about it this way: next time your loved one is sick, remember that they’re not on their own. Getting a doctor’s note and taking them out of class is the best thing you can do for everyone.

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