The Country That Makes Dreams Transform Into A Reality


It is not a fairy tale story that they say how well the land of the free makes people realise their inner potential and make them realise what they are living in the world for and also realises their actual dreams by giving a broad platform to unleash it. people always make the assumption that what was once the ‘new world’ where explorers and pioneers would descend upon from ships and conquer what was left of the native lands and rightfully claim what is theirs and then try and civilize the natives, is now a heathen of racist people that only have one things in mind and that is to make the most amount of money possible. There is no course to learn more and there is no course to make things better for the general world as well its own country. The average IQ in United States is close to that of average in recent years and it is not to be known as surprising that it is the case and in the modern world of today, nothing is more important than money and the power that it buys and the kind of life that it buys. It is not in our human nature to not take up such a leisurely way into something that we need and want so badly.

average IQ in United States

The Easy Way Out

Sometimes the best course of action is to make sure that everything is in place for what you want and for what you need and then to make sure the best path is chosen of the least resistance without having to do much in return and that is a simple human nature that cannot be tainted or changed in any way possible. People always want something that gives them excitement and it is very rare for people to do things for an extended period of time something that they don’t love or want to do. So it is not surprising that the average IQ in United States is not that great when it comes to pure intelligence and that people are so hung on what they could do to improve their stock options than how to improve their knowledge.


Ideals always work wonders for people who believe in them and in a world that is so bent on success and monetary aspect, it may not be the case.

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