The importance of the facial expression in the formation of the wrinkles

Facial expression has a direct effect on the formation of wrinkles. A constant habit frowns strongly, narrowing eyes, raising eyebrows and pressing lips ugly over time forms pronounced wrinkles. Numerous muscles spasm, contract, can automatically affects the attractiveness.To effectively smooth out wrinkles of different expressions, remove mimic spasms and quickly make the eyes look more open, use Botox for the face. This is a special medical product that removes the visual manifestation of wrinkle tension. In order to avail the best services you may always take the aid of the Vancouver botox clinic.

The main action of Botox

The facial muscles at one end firmly attached to the bones, and the latter to the inner side of the epidermis. With constant movement of the muscles of the face, the skin is strongly stretched and simultaneously with the muscles is reduced.If in a young age the skin, which is elastic and elastic, at a contraction quickly, acquires its original shape, then with age the recovery process becomes more and more difficult. Due to the loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles are fixed in one position, forming wrinkles.In the process of administering Botox to the muscles, their contractility decreases or disappears completely. At the same time, the nutrition of the main muscles does not stop. The skin is not gathered over the skin in a calm state, on the basis of which the face looks more youthful and fresh.

Vancouver botox clinic

Botox facial effect

Let’s start with the most famous, expensive and most dangerous method of facial rejuvenation Botox. Yes, Botox is one of the most effective methods for getting rid of wrinkles and vision problems, difficulty breathing, impaired speech and swallowing functions, abundant rash on the skin, itching in the field of application of Botox. And heart palpitations, feeling of general weakness and fatigue.

Pharmaceutical remedies for rejuvenation

Sly marketers, go to great lengths to maximize the marketing of a particular cream, their task is to sell, and not help people.We want to warn you, expensive anti-wrinkle products, manufacturers of which guarantee the result this is the usual penny moisturizers.It is not necessary to be carried out on their tricks, even if the packaging of one or another means with “clever words” says how and with what components their drug acts.

Folk remedies

The great advantage of folk remedies is that all of them are based on natural ingredients and at least do not harm the body. But as practice shows, the sense of them is so little that the result is hardly noticeable.

How do you instantly remove wrinkles and bags under the eyes?

Oddly enough, the answer to this insoluble question was found in one unremarkable article. Her author, an ordinary woman of 55 years old, described in detail how she managed to almost instantly get rid of deep wrinkles and bags under her eyes, without cosmetics, Botox and other well known methods of rejuvenation.

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